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Rob Pitt writes: Daedalic Entertainment has answered my prayers (or many emails and tweets) and have managed to bring the second game from the amazing Deponia series to the PS4. The series started out as a planned trilogy; however, due to overwhelming popular demand, they decided to bring out a fourth game in 2016. It revolves around a rather ego-fueled tinkerer called Rufus. His goal in life is to try and save Deponia from being destroyed, this in itself is a selfless act I hear you cry; however, the only reason he wants to save it is to impress a girl. How would he be able to impress her if the planet is destroyed? As I mentioned above, this is the second game in the saga and the second game on PS4 so I would highly recommend you play the first game before this one; however, the game does give enough backstory and have its own enclosed story so if you chose to start here then you wouldn’t be confused or lost.

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