PUBG Criticized for "Sleazy" Female Character Designs in its Test Servers

The new character designs added to the PUBG test servers have been criticized as "sleazy," with the female avatars in the game wearing skin-tight underwear that draws attention to the genital area of their character models.

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yarbie1000344d ago

"We need more realistic graphics in games. And we need equal representation for women"
Okay, we've added a distinguishing characteristic of women in our game - since we've got a buldge for men as well &
"NO You sexist PIGS!!!! You can't do that you SLEAZY devs. Don't you dare treat us the same as men!!!!

RESETERA losing their minds over equal representation. It's hilarious

UCForce344d ago

Tell me about it. ResetEra is just the same like Neogaf.

yarbie1000344d ago

It really is. When women say they don't feel offended by stuff like this over there, I see tons of people telling those women that they aren't representative of all women. But if you are offended, then somehow you are an authority figure on's like the twilight zone haha

Atomicjuicer344d ago

Neogaf has improved since we lost all the feminists

Soulst0rmer344d ago

I wonder what it would be like if video games were made a hundred years ago when larger women were considered the most beautiful. So when we have representation of women with very athletic bodies, what we see the same type of outrage. I can tell you that physical fitness and a game about people surviving just go hand-in-hand. Society says those women are attractive therefore it makes them sleazy. I don't know it's just food for thought I guess or maybe I'm at the hell I'm talking about.

Eonjay344d ago

Its okay to find something questionable and complain about it if you don't like it. I want to make sure we give those people the right to express there self as long as they respect our right to respect have an opinion. This knee jerk reaction to attack people who don't agree with us is troubling and isn't American. I don't have a problem with this but I know people who do. Guess what, we are both right in our own minds. There is no good and evil here, just a difference of views.

UltraNova344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

So as long as men are depicted as muscle bound macho machines in games and movies its ok but when women are depicted as feminine its reason to protest and get offended (in no particular order, it seems)?

Dear lord...the world is really loosing it.

Pantz344d ago

I went to check out ResetEra and the first topic I see is about comparing the ratio of female fighters in fighting games and the first post in there asking to not call them female but to call them women.

Neogaf is slow now, but a much better place without that hive of sjw's.

DragonKnight344d ago

That's because ResetEra was made by members and mods of NeoGaf.

Before the site even launched they were talking about gender pronouns.

I mocked them for it on Twitter and they got REALLY butt hurt.

UltraNova343d ago

Next up, "Lara Croft's shorts and how women have been suffering for 20 years watching Lara( a feminsm power beacon) get sexualized and disgraced by vulgar, cave-dueling apes with controllers"

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Fierce Musashi344d ago


Because without double standards, they'd have no standards.

DillyDilly344d ago

It's not like the military would accept fat chicks are they gonna whine about that next ?

nintendoswitchfan343d ago

correction: third-wave feminism.

FinalFantasyFanatic343d ago


Don't say that, Australia was retarded enough to push for more wemon in the military (I think they're going to do via a quota or something). If I find that feminist video again, I will post it here.

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C-H-E-F344d ago

hmph, it's always been hard to please woman.

joab777343d ago

Exactly. What's wrong with realism. I mean, you would have to be in shape to attempt something like this. Also, it sells. It's what guys and gals wanna see what they are running around. C''mon. More playing, less craziness!

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344d ago
FallenAngel1984344d ago

You can’t win with SJWs so don’t waste your time trying to appease them

Activemessiah344d ago

God help you if you ever apologize to them... you seal your doom by doing so.

Auron344d ago

I think pubg did apologize.... for one stupid broad complaining! Dont like to see cameltoe put some pants on you moron! Gaming going mainstream was the worst thing that could ever happen.

yeahokwhatever343d ago

That "lady" spent hours extracting the model from the game, passing it through filters, examining that cameltoe, taking screenshots, and making twitter posts. Nobody should be paying her any mind. She's a crazy person.

guywazeldatatt343d ago

Fallen, I am so happy to hear you say that. seriously screw them. Even when women design characters like in Xenoblade 2 they are so fucking butthurt.

SegaGamer344d ago

Yawn. Jeez, haven't these people got better things to do with their time ? You know you have a boring life if you are over analysing every little detail on a video game character.

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kevnb344d ago

so it was ok when there were males in underwear, now with women in underwear we have a big problem?

ravinash344d ago

The women were in underwear before, the issue is the dev decided to add a camel toe.
I hope the extra modeling/texture mapping won't make my game crash more than it is now.