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Beast Gamer here with our first hands-on look at the Monster Hunter: World Beta.

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dennigo365d ago

so anyone can post a vid and get on this site now.
take a drink everytime they say euhm, you'll be dead before 4 mins

zerocarnage365d ago

For one the person who spoke about the history of MH games being on consoles never once mentioned the Wii u and standard Wii version, maybe a history check there.

Then there's the talk about small parts of the map, I remember on ps2 a boss wouldn't even move zones and it would be reloading in and out of zones just too heal up. So to say it's bad having small parts of a map is just wrong considering you can run off anywhere now not experience a bunch of load times to keep healing and health up. But again having small parts of the map where fights take place can also mean very intense fights so I don't know what the problem is in that at all.

I had to stop listening to this review, to me it's not a review it's one person's experience trying to compare it with past MH experiences and to me you can not do that with games since one was way back when and the new one is out and is up to date.

No matter how many people try to crap over this game, I know there won't be anything much better coming 2018 that will give players a bit of everything and will also be free of micros and loot boxes..

Capcom look like they've done wonders on this entry and they should be praised for it, especially revamping co op where player no longer have to form squads before entering the map and can now jump in jump out co op which sorts out alot of mess ie those rage quitters and having to stand alone with no way to get new players in.

For the price of what MH is and the fact it's capcoms game which I've never known a bad MH on console or hand held people should take note of that alone, it's done extremely well in sales across the board.

SavageKuma365d ago

I don't think you were listening or read the full post at all. A. We didn't crap on the game because if you were paying attention I was greatly enjoying the game. B. The person talking didn't want to drown out full details which I was trying to make the video short and keep my thoughts in the written post as well. C. This isn't a review, just sharing my opinion on this preview. I even stated at the end that I've already pre-ordered the game. Thanks for checking it out though, but pay attention next time.

Chaosdreams364d ago

This is incredibly boring. And that's the nicest I can be in regards to pointing out the poor quality of this.

No. Not the game. This "preview."

SavageKuma363d ago

Sorry to read that. It is understandable and I was trying to keep it raw since we talked right after we played a few hours. Either way thanks for trying to watch it.

Chaosdreams363d ago

I was a tad rude, for that I apologize.

Keep doing what you love, and improvement will follow.

SavageKuma362d ago

Opinions are opinions. You critiqued and I will take that as it is. Thank you.