PS4 Exclusive Concrete Genie Looks Lovely in Colorful Gameplay by Sony's Smallest Studio

Sony's PixelOpus studio presents ten minutes of super-creative and beautiful gameplay of its upcoming game Concrete Genie.

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corroios372d ago

This game seems magical!!! Very creative new ip.

PhoenixUp372d ago

Where did this dev team come from

Aceman18372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

I thought this game was from a indie studio lol, just goes to show they make games from AAA to small indie style ones lol.

Wow they are the smallest 1st party studio.

C-H-E-F372d ago

I'm interested in seeing the action.. and what is the purpose of the drawing like does it do something in the world... I just have alot of questions... (create allies on the fly).

Relientk77372d ago

This game reminds me of Folklore a bit. I like it.