Uncharted Franchise Tops 41.7 Million Units Sold

The Uncharted franchise has sold more than 41.7 million units worldwide, revealed Sony during the 10th anniversary panel for the series.

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Septic345d ago

Well done ND! Well deserved 😊

PhoenixUp346d ago

It seems almost blasphemous that Sony would let such a successful franchise as Uncharted be laid to rest.

Thatguy-310346d ago

they'll be back to it but they know how important it is for a franchise to take a long break. It's heart warming seeing how the franchise grew and blew up to the huge IP it is today.

joe1223345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

But hey Last of us 2 is coming out and that is going to be one hell of a game. Its what I have a PlayStation console for. That and god of war

Platinum_Fan345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Who says it's laid to rest? They can always continue with spin offs like The Lost Legacy.

But even if it is put to rest that's fine, like they say if your famous it's better to die young that to fade off into obscurity. They can always create a new series, it's ND as long as they continue with there fantastic story telling ultra levels of polish and unmatched voice acting any game they make will be a hit. Personally I really want them to make Savage Starlight into a game, or some sort of Sci-Fi game.

UltraNova345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Yes I want ND to show us what they can do with sci-fi. Something tells me that If they were to try they could make a Mass effect style space opera unlike any we have ever seen before!

Plus if Sony wants to avoid ND devs leaving the company just to be able to work on new stuff, they need to promote a new IP environment within their studios.

RommyReigns344d ago

Chapter 9 of the Lost Legacy is the best chapter/level of 2017

badz149345d ago

I prefer they let it rests for awhile and let ND work on TLOU2 and possibly another new IP? who knows but in ND we trust! I don't want them to milk the IP to death like how Nintendo do with Mario. sure Mario is a successful strategy for Nintendo but as a character itself, it lacks identity. Mario is only an avatar for whatever game Nintendo decides to put him in and personally, seeing Mario in every single thing is really annoying!

jukins345d ago

It's not gone forever I think uncharted lost legacy shows us a possible direction. But I think it's smart to avoid franchise fatigue and possibly wait gotnthe next iteration of PlayStation at least so they'll have power to actually innovate instead of just make it look pretty.

Travis3708345d ago

Moving on is the best option in the end. I'm thankful that Sony's studio's such as Naughty Dogs loves to move on to another franchise. They like to start new adventures with new main characters. Each new generation of consoles should bring in new mascots.

WelkinCole345d ago

Actually I think its for the best.

Uncharted went out on a high note. Lets leave it at that.

I believe this is what ND wanted so Sony respects ND's decision on this as they should.

Same way Sony respected ND's decision on Crash which allowed ND to bring out Jak

Same way Sony respected ND's decision on Jak which allowed ND to bring out Uncharted.

Same way Sony respected ND's decision to have two teams with them working on TLOU even so late in the PS3 gen.

Point is. Sony respects what their devs want to do and not force them to do the same games over and over like other publishers.

The results speak for themselves. We PS gamers benefit a lot from this.

You can bet that the next IP ND will add will blow peoples minds. They have proven this time and time again.

_-EDMIX-_345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Well to be honest the situation with Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon was that Sony Computer Entertainment did not own the intellectual property to either games.

But you would also need to remember that this was at a time where Sony was new to gaming. I actually believe the best thing that could have ever happened to them was to not own those intellectual properties.

I believe Universal owning the intellectual property to those games is what caused Sony to rethink how they did their first party with the PlayStation 2 and that they would own their creations with Jak and Daxter and Ratchet & Clank Sly Cooper what have you.

Blessing in disguise.

Who knows how things would have turned out if they actually owned those properties because I believe the beginning of that generation very much looked like Sony was looking to create its own legacy characters like you see with Nintendo.

I think it was for the best that they lost or did not own those properties as it allowed them to see that consumers not only desire new intellectual properties they thrive on them.

I think it is very likely that the other half of naughty dog is working on a new IP.

bluefox755345d ago

In a way I can kind of respect it. Other games are working on their 5th or 6th iteration, and really don't even improve over the previous titles. Uncharted went out on a high note before it overstayed it's welcome.

_-EDMIX-_345d ago

Trust me as much as I'm a fan of the series I'm extremely doubtful that Sony Computer Entertainment is never going to make another Uncharted.

I actually think they're simply letting this have some time off and focus on the Last of Us and other series. If anything I would say Sony is one of the few Publishers that fully understands and recognizes that series have their ups and downs.

Let Uncharted 4 exit on a very high note and only return When the team actually openly has new ideas and plans.

DialgaMarine345d ago

Naughty Dog is working on making TLoU a trilogy. No reason why we won’t see more Uncharted someday, but I hope at the earliest it won’t be until the PS5 is established. No need to drive it into franchise fatigue.

Sunny_D345d ago

Did they confirm it’s going to be a trilogy?

DialgaMarine344d ago

Niel Druckman said something about wanting it to be, a few months back. Not sure why it wouldn’t be.

LP-Eleven345d ago

Not really. They don't drag their IPs out and run them into the ground. They try different things and offer plenty of new properties for their fanbase to enjoy. If anything, it's the other way around. It would be blasphemous for them to allow what I said above to happen to an IP as respected as Uncharted.

TheVetOfGaming345d ago

I just bought the trilogy yesterday. Played them all apart from 3, and it as only $7.

Summons75345d ago

Maybe many years from now a game following Drake's kid maybe but as much as it was sad to see it end, they gave Drake a fantastic and satisfying ending. I wouldn't want to see them force something and ruin a good legacy. It's happened to a lot of great games before.

Flewid638344d ago

I would rather see one of the greatest studios ever make many things instead of making just one thing.

Seeing their version of so many genres would be amazing.

PhoenixUp344d ago

I mean you’d never see another company even consider the idea of letting such a successful franchise in its prime go dormant, even if it’s for a little while.

@ welk

You think Sony willingly let Crash go? They never owned the rights to the franchise, they just published the titles while Universal owned the rights hence why the publishing rights went to a different publisher the next gen.

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corroios345d ago

It will come back on the ps5

Persian_Immortal345d ago

Would real cool if they could get Bluepoint to take the Drake Collection and Remake all the games alongside the Multiplayer's for UC2 and UC3, they are doing such a great job with the Shadow Of The Colossus remake, i am sure they could do this justice.

AspiringProGenji345d ago

And I’ll be there to buy it once more. I think after a New IP in the PS5 gen it is a good time for a comeback

goldwyncq345d ago

It needs to be a soft reboot centered on Nate and his daughter trapped in an island, with a darker story focused on their relationship and a shift to survival-action gameplay. The title would simply be "Uncharted".

SolidGear3345d ago

That actually sounds awesome

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FallenAngel1984345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Uncharted franchise sales stood at 28 million in May 2016, so that means Sony sold almost 14 million more Uncharted games in the 18 months since then. That is pretty remarkable.

Presumably the new Uncharted series sales figure also covers copies sold in bundles, which would inflate the figure higher than it would normally be. But it is still an impressive achievement.

mercyblades345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

The story about how Uncharted came about is incredible. I really recommend you all watch the documentary sometime. To think this game was a make or break for ND, but they persevered, got the right people in the right place, and Sony let them take their time to delve deep into the Cell processor. The series came out guns blazing!

Sunny_D345d ago

I first played the demo that came out for it 10 years ago when the game didn’t come out yet. I actually got to buy Uncharted 1 the night before it was supposed to release since I liked the demo so much. Never thought it would grow so big.

KiRBY3000345d ago

Which documentary are you talking about? Is it on youtube?

mercyblades344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

Sorry for the late reply. Here is the link:
It starts at 30:00, but I really encourage you all to watch every minute of it. Really great people and the history is jam packed!

TheOttomatic91345d ago

Welp guess SP games sure are dead right guys? :B

G20WLY344d ago

Nobody buys them. Nobody wants them.

ILostMyMind344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

On XBO they are very dead. And I begin to believe that the MP is also dead, since they beg so much for the PS4 user base.