Gaming Championship Interrupted By Bomb Threat

A gaming convention and Call of Duty championship in Dallas was interrupted by someone calling in a fake bomb threat which forced the organisters to invitably shut down the show for public safety. Fortunately it was just a hoax.

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81BX246d ago ShowReplies(2)
PhoenixUp246d ago

That’s a Bomberman...uh I mean that’s a bummer, man 😅

XbladeTeddy246d ago

No bomb went off, no-one died, nothing wrong with a little joke. World is gloomy enough right now.

TheOttomatic91246d ago

Why do people do these kinds of things? Do you have any idea how much distress and problems they cause with these so called "jokes!?!?!"

CrimzonRazor246d ago

They wont be laughing when they are serving their sentence. Very easy for the call to be traced and it will be.

zuul9018246d ago

I dont have any experience with that(law enforcement, bomb threats, etc.), but wouldnt you use a payphone or burner for this sort of thing?
I just dont think its gonna be an easy catch by any means, but I may be out of touch with technology idk.

81BX246d ago

Of course they do. That's why they do it. Some people just want to see the world burn.

XbladeTeddy246d ago

You been watching Batman lol.

agent4532246d ago

That sucks, why would someone do that?

opinionated246d ago

Like always, people who threaten are usually the biggest pussies. All mouth and no balls. I understand why the venue has to take it seriously but the people who do this shit are a pathetic joke.