Days Gone: Playstation Experience 2017

It was one of the favorite booths at the 2017 PlayStation Experience and Skewed and Reviewed have posted some images from the awesome looking booth for the game.

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Hardiman343d ago

I can't wait to go through the Oregon countryside in this game! Crafting items, customizing my bike, taking down freakers, using them to take down other enemies and seeing all the wildlife both healthy and infected.

Garethvk343d ago

So true. I just wish we would get an updated release window and if they plan to do a Beta before hand.

OB1Biker342d ago

Shu said its supposed to release next year but I hope he got it right and not been carried away with the casual talk

Garethvk342d ago

Next year is always the safe respose.

342d ago
fenome341d ago

Hell yeah, I live in Oregon, I'm ready for this!! Lol

Summons75342d ago

Still have zero excitement for this game, though I'll probably rent it, but that exhibit on the show floor is awesome!

Foxhound922342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

Seems like all you do is complain about things that don't interest you. Give it a rest already. You're complaining about PSX, you're complaining about Death Stranding, you're complaining about the SOTC remake, you're complaining about DetroitBH, you're complaining about Ghost of Thushima, you're complaining about Dreams and here you are complaining about Days Gone. I'm sure there's more if I just went to the SECOND page of your comment history. Seriously dude, I gathered all of this bullshit just from the first page. It seems that you're triggered and it looks like you don't even own a playstation or care to. Just shut up already and quit the stealth/concern trolling with the disingenuous last minute back handed "compliments."

fiveby9342d ago

Some people are just complainers. Can never just enjoy gaming but have to be a wet blanket every moment.

Summons75342d ago

Complaining about one of my favorite games of all time? and yes it is high time that Death Stranding show gameplay or disappear until it's ready especially when they are bragging on stage about how there is gameplay and it's mindblowing...doesn't mean I'm not excited. Saying I'm excited about Ghosts of Tsushima? I didn't. Dreams is Media Molecule so it's a day 1 buy but their marketing for it sucks. Maybe you should actually READ instead of only reading what you want.

Just because I can criticise something doesn't mean I'm not excited. Just like this, I'm not excited about generic zombie games #298483029 so that means I can't say something positive? Damn dude, according to you nobody should say anything. Must have driven you up the wall when people were complaining about loot boxes.

Foxhound922342d ago

I love the unrelated reference to loot boxes.

It's fine to criticize bad things in gaming, such as DRM, loot boxes, pay to win etc..but you are one of the most pessimistic people on N4G regarding PlayStation exclusives.

Like I said, it's fine to voice your concerns. I just find it funny that your concerns are unfathomably trivial and suspiciously targeted at PS games.

Summons75342d ago

Yeah, you're the one making up fiction to suit their twisted reality and name calling, yet I'm pessimistic lol. Needed a good laugh today, thanks. Sorry that you don't believe in free speech and are coming to a site where people can share their opinions and you think everyone should do nothing but kiss a** of all developers and publishers. I said something positive about the exhibit despite lack of interest in the game and you think it's a complaint. You are the one complaining here.

Foxhound922342d ago

@Summons child

Putting words on my mouth, yet again. When did I had to say we must will say only positive things? I was one of the first to criticize Sony's PSX, the only difference is that I'm able to see the good with the bad. I needed a good laugh today too. It's always funny to see people CONSTANTLY go out of their way to tell people that they're not interested in a game. It's always worth a good chuckle.

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Rhezin342d ago

STFU already no one wants to hear your lack of excitement.

gangsta_red342d ago

I love zombie games even when they were getting a little over saturated in the gaming market.

Still not entirely sold on this one but the premise looks interesting, will definitely give it a gamefly go.

Garethvk342d ago

They need to ensure they offer more than just waves of bad guys. World War Z announced a game so hopefully this is not a trend of stand in one place and survive wave after wave without good context around it.

Mr-Dude342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

Really looking forward to this, exploring every nook. Hopefully next year.

Garethvk342d ago

I am guessing ammo Wil be a precious commodity.

GamesMaster1982342d ago

I love me some zombie's. Film's, Games ETC. If it has zombies ill buy it. Don't care about the people who say oh zombie's again and what not. To me zombies are my fave horror monster ever, I love them undead bastards. And this game looks excellent.

Garethvk342d ago

This seems to have some scope. I am curious if co-op or online factor in.