Why PlayStation beat Xbox this generation (and what it taught Microsoft)

Polygon: "Sony has sold 70 million units of PlayStation 4 hardware to date, according to its own internal estimates. We don’t have an accurate way to compare this sales information to Xbox One hardware, since Microsoft stopped sharing sales information back in 2015."

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Zero_Suit_Samus373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

“The good news is that the Xbox One X proves that the fight between the two gaming giants is far from over.“

A $500 Xbox One X that’s has no exclusives and a boss that doesn’t care about single player games isn’t going to put a fight. Sony is bringing the games. Great single player games at that. PS4 will continue to dominate.

chrisx373d ago

The fight has been over since day one straight up. Ninty is Sony's competition, not the xbone. This is just polygon kissing ms ass as usual.

JaguarEvolved373d ago

PlayStation won because they have a lot of exclusive titles that are quality games

NewMonday373d ago

don't think MS learned anything though

G20WLY372d ago

^certainly doesn't sound like they have.

All we get is more promises from MS along the lines, "we're about to start making awesome games 👍" and everyone still seems content to sit back and wait.

If you wait, you'll miss the generation, simple as that.

Eonjay372d ago

The problem here is that these guys seem to think that the PS4 won because it was more powerful. So now that the X is around they think things are different. It isn't. Sony still won and even won November NPD which is why Polygon even concedes that Xbox lost. Man, I'm so glad that the X is so powerful so everyone can see that it has nothing to do with the winner. I though the Switch would make it obvious, but losing so absolutely to a less powerful console is more appropriate.

Eonjay372d ago


'...[Sony's focus] was always on the games, and the ability to trade or loan your games to a friend at a time when Microsoft was pushing an innovative but poorly communicated system of digital rights and limitations.'

Wrong. they can't even admit that Microsoft's vision was anti consumer and thats why it failed. To them it was just too innovative for consumers... yeah no. Microsoft loses because of folks like you. Folks who constantly wipe Microsoft's ass instead of being straight with them.

Godmars290372d ago

If they've learned anything, by the time they set it into motion after recovering from Kinect, the PS5 will likely be a thing.

343_Guilty_Spark372d ago

They won because they launched a console at $400 that was more powerful. Please tell us if all the great exclusives the PS4 had at launch. Knack and Infamous in the first year? They had a sizable lead by 2014.

Power and Cost

Eonjay372d ago


Those are the two biggest reasons. The third, is games. You had a console that was cheaper, more powerful and played all the biggest third parties with great exclusives. The real answer to this is The Last of Us. Knowing that Sony had studios of its own that had ascended to that caliber made the purchase a no brainier. Even by 2015 there were more games coming to PS4 than Xbox. I lose track of all of the AAA exclusives coming out of PS4. More power, cheaper and better games is what people saw in 2014. Now, we see better games. There is no coming back from that. In two years, when PS5 come out, it will be cheaper, more powerful and have better games. See the pattern.

Trez1234372d ago

[email protected] Infamous was a good game. I mean i hear that sunset overdrive but infamous sold more and they both had the same score from critics. I enjoyed both game but its funny to see how you guys try to downplay infamous but over praising sunset.

Phill-Spencer372d ago (Edited 372d ago )


Playstation has a track record that speaks for itself. Ps4 didn't need a killer lineup at launch because people knew sony will bring the games.

With xbox though there is so much inconsistency. There first console got discontinued after just selling 25mil, their second was suffering under rrod and later und lack of variety of exclusives and x1 already started with those anti consumer stuff and later lost all identity by losing all exclusives to pc.

ZehnDrachen372d ago


You playing down Sony's success as to launching at $400 and being a little more powerful than Xbox One is quite humorous. Sony won at launch because it was the better system, and it simply had the better games.

372d ago
Retroman372d ago

" why PlayStation beat xbox this generation (and what it taught MS)

Should taught MS power, no games , is not enough .
it Always been about Games !!! not speed,not power , not being a living room entertainment hub, not trying to combine pc with gaming console into one .
Sooner MS learn that the better.

Godmars290371d ago

As you said, games win over power as been the rule since the PS2 was the least powerful system of its gen yet lead it by a wide margin. Meanwhile OG Xbox was as much about PC ports as the brand continues to be today.

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Thatguy-310373d ago

Xbox brand will NEVER beat the playstation brand. They need to launch early because launching against Sony in the same time frame will only make it difficult for them. Last generation Sony was still able to catch them even though the launch of the ps3 was a disaster. This generation Sony murdered them with the ps4 since they launched side by side.

372d ago
InTheZoneAC371d ago

Despite what Xbox has said the X is, this is their next gen system, so it technically has released early.

joe1223372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

Microsoft is just such a crappy company. WE would not be paying to play online right now on ps4 if it wasnt for that xbox

Lennoxb63372d ago

So MS made Sony charge for online? I'm confused. I thought Sony was a seperate company that made it's decisions independent of MS.

G20WLY372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

Lennoxb63, you can be glib all you like. The fact is, MS charged first by MANY years. Idiots paid up willingly.

That changed the market conditions and it was somehow considered acceptable. We can probably never go back. All console makers are now happy to charge us to play with our friends.

If people hadn't paid, they'd have flipped the switch and changed. Like they did with Kinect. Like they did with always online. They WOULD have stopped charging, if people stopped paying.

This is history, not my opinion.

343_Guilty_Spark372d ago

That’s such a childish statement. So MS pointed a gun at Sony and said charge for multiplayer?

Lennoxb63372d ago


Ok? MS charged first. That doesn't mean Sony had to follow them. Sony made that decision. No one pointed a gun at their heads.

G20WLY372d ago

Okay chaps, now tell me this: why the hell wouldn't they? What would you do? Sit by and watch a competitor rake in the money and carry on giving yours it for free? Lmao

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alb1899372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

At least give something to MS,
A 500$ Xbox One X that is the most powerful console and plays every third party games much better than any console on the market, that have services like EA access and the new one from MS, has backward compatibility, is focusing in Multi player, the best online experience, the best controls and variety of them, 4K Blu-ray, support of the new HDMI 2.1, freeSync and Dolby Atmos. MS has too the exclusives titles with most support after release, the best Exclusives MP and the best Exclusives racing franchises.
It is true that MS isn't focus on SP and I hope it change and they start to utilize the power of the X to make some impressive exclusives.

alb1899372d ago

MS real problems this generation was DRM and a 500 dollars console which had less power than the 400$ PS4.

Cuzzo63372d ago

The base Xbox1 is still weaker than the base Ps4... More people have the base XBone than the X. So there fore.... Most are still caught between a rock and a hard place

Trez1234372d ago

Id stop using EA access as a strength.

jwillj2k4372d ago

"Exclusive titles with most support after release, the Best exclusive MP and the best exclusive racing franchises"

Just because you release a racing game every year doesnt give you the best anything. Most support after release lol..? Youre just making this up as you type. 2018 is going to be worse than 2017 for Microsoft. Playstation will continue its dominance by releasing quality game after game. Its going back to the ps2 era when youd go to the electronics store and see walls of ps2 titles and a small section of xbox / nintendo titles with accessories and peripherals to fill in the gaps lol.

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OneLove372d ago Show
Lennoxb63372d ago

"a boss that doesn’t care about single player games"

When's the last time MS was committed to single player games in the first place? Single player went out the window for Xbox when Halo 2 released.

rainslacker372d ago

Ryse, SSoD, Scalebound(at first), Alan Wake, Fable, even the exhalted halo 2 or Gears of War had what was considered a great SP campaign which seemed independent of the MP portion of the game.

and finally Quantum Break.

Ironically, the last game they released before they started going downhill. Although that downhill wasn't just SP games, but games in general.

It's been a year and a half, and MS has fallen pretty fast IMO. They had a respectable line up at the start of this gen. Had a respectable line up with the OGXbox, and had a respectable line up for the first 4-5 years of the 360....with a somewhat reasonable deliverance of games in the last few years of the 360's life.

But now, they had two internal studio releases for the year, with 3 for next year, a couple which were delayed from this year as it was, but of those three, all are GaaS type games, and only one looks that interesting, and that one probably won't sell gangbusters on the X1, because it's more cartoonish than what is typically popular on Xbox.

in any case, MS had plenty to offer up in terms of SP on the Xbox prior to this gen, so while they weren't exclusively committed to SP, they certainly did have compelling content to offer that market of customers.

372d ago
trooper_372d ago

Microsoft hasn't learned squat.

OB1Biker372d ago

I dont see how it 'proves' anything, especially it s only just launched.

TheSaint372d ago

MS not only shot themselves in the foot, they blew it clean off.

zerocarnage372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

Nice to be one sided isn't it with comments both of them.

I mean let's be honest, while these articles are getting tiresome now always trying to downplay anything Xbox, it sure as hell looks like there something that Sony need to proove, or should I say those that keep writing these articles certainly make it seem like Sony have something to proove still.

That being said none of the consoles are crap, they have all done good and I feel there still much they could all learn from each other. Sony may have single player games going best for them but the Xbox by far does the community and multiplayer better, not to mention now has the best hardware out this gen.

I've said many times before on this site that the whole exclusive arguement fanboys keep pumping out, was just a switch from the power arguement they couldn't put out anymore against Microsoft upon news of scorpio, it's all a fanboy thing just as much as sales and it's also gotten real boring.

I don't know why you bunch of fanboys and haters on whatever side can't just debate peacefully and enjoy gaming for what it is which is a world of wonder. Not Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo get everything rite, just like they don't get everything wrong. I must admit on n4g alone the Sony fanboys this gen have been drama queens at there best in all the generations I've known, this gen has seen the ps4 fanboys go from just plain fanboys and turn into extra moronic fanboys and funny enough I havnt seen nearly as much hate coming from a side as I have those fanboys of the Sony Crowd, in fact the extra loudness could no doubt be heard from across the universe.

We have gotten to the point where all you can expect to read in these articles is exclusive, single player and power, it's over and over again just people rephrazing into words which suits them but it's a broken bunch of records that doesn't go away, break the circle God damn it and that's too the article writers as much as the fanboys.

Now all in all like I said all the consoles are great and there something for everyone on them all, any idiot can see that and they all have an extensive library of games to play on with or without exclusives just as much as all the consoles this gen have enough power to absolutely play what has been developed.

It's all down to personal preferences, some like more games than third party's despite there being hundreds to play and others like that power and sent to bothered about exclusives, so what who cares what others preferences are just enjoy what it is your gaming on..

OB1Biker371d ago (Edited 371d ago )

I agree that its all about preferences, its always been, it always will, and about the games you can play.
Now are you saying the article is downplaying xbox?

From the article, 'Microsoft was pushing an innovative but poorly communicated system of digital rights and limitations.'
Really? Just poorly communicated?
and then they go on to promote the X. Open your eyes.

I truly think its matter of preference. I have many friends playing on xbox. Do not think exclusives are just a fanboy arguments. What do you think Halo was last gen? Same as Uncharted, the games are not fanboy arguments.

Tko1111371d ago

Really Sony cmon be a gamer stop the stupid Xbox hate. One without the other is bad for gaming point blank. Sony has only won mind share this generation which is changing everyday. I love my ps4 but my pro is nothing special. Like Xbox I can play most Sony exclusives on pc like NIOH etc

RadicalCannibal371d ago

Single player games though. Couldnt care less

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Hardiman373d ago

Power was never a reason for me it was the games. I love the games Sony makes period!

Same with Nintendo, I enjoy their exclusives. There aren't as many but it's a great companion console.

It's not hard just create amazing, intriguing games and people will buy them. The numbers prove it. The fact that Sony has so many talented devs and gives them freedom to create these games is what propels them to the top.

Focusing on narrative driven single player experiences really draws in loyal customers like myself. Also taking risks like PSVR or allowing devs who have done FPS for multiple gens to create a game like Horizon Zero Dawn or allowing Santa Monica to go in a different direction with an established series like God of War. It just adds up to success!

Yohshida372d ago

So why did you buy a ps4 in 2013?

trooper_372d ago

Uh...for the games?

You know, like reason why ANYONE buys consoles?

Yohshida372d ago

For Knack and Killzone? Whoa thats a horrible reason

Hardiman372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

Because of the games Sony makes! Sure they were sparse then but I knew they would come. It's better than having a few then and having less now!

Realms372d ago

Simple Sony always delivers games as an early adopter I knew that even when you trolls kept insisting that PS4 user had no games.

Stogz372d ago

Why'd you buy an Xbox x in 2017? Certainly wasn't the exclusives...

AspiringProGenji372d ago

I bought mine in 2013 for Killzone, Black flag, Resogun, and Knack was an extra. Say what you want about Knack, but the coop was fun. I knew overtime Sony would step it up and they did. I don’t regret my 2013 Purchase, then I bough my second when U4 bundle came.

The reason Sony was sparce at first was because they gave PS3 a last batch of games. Unlike some people and your Xbox friends who give them shit for the slow start, I actually was pleased with the 2013 lineup of both PS3 and PS4, unlike MS who dropped the support for 360 to have launch games for xbox one. No wonder the 360 barely got something after 2010 and onwards

WelkinCole372d ago

Its mindset and logic like yours that makes me believe that you are all just a bunch of kids.

When one buys a PS console. They buy a console with a history of excellence in gaming which Sony has proven time and time again. Any gamer knows that Sony will always deliver the games. It does not matter if its at the start, middle or at the end of the gen. They just deliver.

Contrast to MS. MS sell you kids promises and you all just lap it up like fools every single time.

yomfweeee372d ago

Sony had 3 generations of proven exclusives and some of the best studios in the world.

I bought a PS4 with that knowledge. Regardless of exclusives available at launch.

snoopgg372d ago

They had infamous, and driveclub. Every multiplat played better on ps4 and was 100.00 cheaper then xboxone. Look how things turned out for sony supporters. We have many games to look forward to. It was the right choice for many

trooper_372d ago

If that's the only two games you can come up with, then I feel sorry for you.

stefan_771372d ago

Knack and Killzone are great imo

Silly gameAr372d ago

MS fans are just like MS themselves. Only think short term.

Chevalier372d ago

" So why did you buy a ps4 in 2013?"

The same reason you bought your underpowered Xbox and now are talking about power. Its the promise of things you believe that will come to make your investment worthwhile. Whereas Nintendo and Sony follow through on their promises MS do NOT. Also last I checked you buy a game system for GAMES. You can give all the crappy reasons why, but, just consider back then there was no BC, no EA access, no 4K player etc. So honestly your questioning is inane.

Trez1234372d ago

Well i could name few Japanese games but you probably dont count those.

Cmv38372d ago

Neither system had a good launch line up. But because of brand confidence, buying a PlayStation, you know the games will come like they always have. That other system..... still waiting on promises from 2013.

kfk372d ago

Poor baby, can't stand to see Xbox getting destroyed in comments, sales, and games, haha. It must suck to be a fanboy for the worst console.

fiveby9371d ago

XBox fans should be thanking Sony. The only reason X1X exists is due to PS4. Competition is crucial to gaming evolution. Had PS4 not had a games focused strategy out the gates, MS's orig Xbox may not have made many changes in strategy. X1X is a result of MS needing to keep a player base which they hemorrhaged to PS's benefit for several years. That said, I think a healthy XBox games lineup will push Sony to continue to innovate. Problem is, MS games lineup currently feels lackluster in comparison to Sony's. 2018 will be huge for Sony exclusives. And 2019 I wonder if we'll see Death Stranding and The Last of Us Part 2. But I do want a healthy competitive environment.

Sunny_D371d ago

It’s called having a history. Did you not see the games on PS3 all the way towards it’s last year? And the PS2 before that? Yeah, Harriman knew what to expect in due time. Smh, can’t believe it had to be spelt out for you.

You know what history MS has? Abandoning their gamers pretty quickly. It happened with the original Xbox after only 4 years on the market, they abandoned new game releases in the last half of the 360 lifecycle to focus on Kinect. They abandoned Kinect early this gen essentially giving their consumers a dead paper weight. They abandoned single player games, Cloud gaming hasn’t shown us squat (I mean something substantial) since they hyped it up at the beginning of this gen.

Do you see the pattern?

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strayanalog373d ago

No DRM really helped give Sony a push, especially in community favor, because nobody wanted that mess.
If it weren't for the DRM fiasco I truly believe it would have been a far more fierce and less one-sided race.
In the end, if anything, Sony taught Microsoft it's customer first, and that's something that shouldn't be forgotten.‎

Thatguy-310373d ago

MS flipped the switch on a lot of the bad implementation that they were going for before the system launched. PS3 put up a better fight against the Xbox 360 even though it had the worst running multiplatform games, a 600$ price tag and a basic online infrastructure in the first few yrs of released. All this just goes to show who the community favors

strayanalog372d ago

Yes, Microsoft did reverse their DRM policy before launch, but the damage was done. No one cared about TV and DRM, the community wanted games and the freedom of play. Moreover, no strong PR during or afterwards didn't help, with a majority of the community feeling lied to and/or betrayed, and some journalists urging players to look the other way.
‎Now while I agree with you to an extent, it's much deeper than favoritism, I believe. The community simply rallied against something we hated and it cost Microsoft sales; whether by the ones who could only afford one console or the gamers with principles, no one likes to be peed on and told that it's raining.‎‎

Software_Lover372d ago

I forgot about the $600 ps3 (I had that version), furthermore proving my point. Microsoft will never win against a Sony machine, even if they have better (subjective) games.

notachance372d ago

that's cause MS haven't been able to truly penetrate market outside NA/UK.

thriving in 30% of global marketshare won't be enough to win against PS's total domination everywhere else, especially now that other heavily populated areas like China, India are starting to catch up to US in terms of console gaming culture.
Not to mention MS's favoritism towards those countries. I'm in Asia and XBL here is far worse than PSN, no dedicated local support, no local server, is a barren wasteland compared to PSN and Steam. For a supposed MP focused console it's a stupid move to not actually invest in infrastructure before selling your console, who tf wants to play Halo in this kind of degenerate environment?

The only thing that can save XB in these countries is exclusive SP games since it gives people a reason to buy XB when you can't depend on MP games or multiplatform, in fact, it's exactly the reason Switch sold so well here despite the even worse support compared to MS.. but you know how it is with XB and exclusive SP games.

MS will get murdered even worse next-gen if they still depend on multiplatform like that.

Godmars290372d ago

More like who's better at recovering from their mistakes.

Professor_K371d ago

You frogget the red ring and xbl paywal helped sony push for the ps3

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LP-Eleven372d ago

Microsoft would have been mandhandled, regardless. I think initial sales would have been closer, yes, but as the gen continued forward, you would have seen the gap widening as it is now. Xbox simply doesn't have the global appeal of PlayStation. It's not even close, in fact.

strayanalog372d ago

All strong valid points, LP. I wouldn't bother arguing that opinion. Either way, all we can do is speculate.‎

371d ago
UCForce373d ago

Like I said before, competition is good. It help competitors to be open minded and honest. MS really need to step up their game especially they need to start reveal their hardware sales and let their first party studios do whatever they want. As PS Loyalist, I want MS to fight.

bigmalky372d ago

I would rather have Sega back. Microsoft seem to know or care nothing of gamers and rely on throwing money at third parties and then trying to control creativity to monetise their work to get as much profit a possible.

There's a balance between making money while delivering something your customers will enjoy and stay loyal for.

LP-Eleven372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

100% agree on SEGA! That company actually knew how to compete while bringing many original, and exclusive, IPs!