Killing Floor: Incursion Coming to PSVR, Releasing 2018

Pure PlayStation: PSVR owners are being treated really well this year, aren’t they? This year’s PSX has been chock full of announcements, and the latest coming from Anaheim is that Killing Floor Incursion will be getting a PSVR release.

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PeaSFor216d ago

HYPED! Loved Killing floor 1&2, love VR shooters so this is a no brainer.

Stogz216d ago

Never played part 1 but 2 was a great time. Can't wait for this!

jjb1981216d ago

I was at PSX , I got to try Firewall: Zero Hour for PSVR. I'm hyped about it. It was the best PSVR game I have played. 4v4 CS:GO in VR is what it seems like. It's incredible and you play with the Aim controller. Feels great.

Apocalypse Shadow216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

sounds awesome. Cool that you got to play it.Did you get a chance to play Blood and Truth?What other cool stuff did you see?

Good job Sony. More games, more games,more games is good for us all.

216d ago
Venox2008216d ago

Soo happy..I wanted this game for PSVR since it was announced on Oculus or HTC