Top 10 Improvements for the Next Zelda Game

Jacob S. from Link-Cable writes: "It’s no secret we here at Link-Cable see the critically acclaimed title in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as one of the best titles of the year, scoring it with both 9.8 for the Wii U and 9.9 for the Nintendo Switch versions respectively. That’s not to say that we do not see some areas for improvement for the game and after months of playing and a few hundred hours invested, we take a look at ten different areas that the next Zelda game can improve from our journey through The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild."

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combatcash371d ago

Would be nice if they had a bit more power to push some nicer visuals on zelda?!

Soulst0rmer371d ago

Everything on this list is nonexistent.
No story, no character development, no dungeon, no unique weapons, 1 boss you fight 4 different ways.

Everything that you do in this game just adds to your heart/stamina count. Nothing adds to the weak story.

Gameplay is so good but this game is basically a fetch quest of mediocre puzzle shrines and a few crappy boss fights. Could have been an iOS game to be honest.

Horizon Zero Dawn sh*ts all over this hype train of mediocrity.

septemberindecember371d ago

This comment seems very riddled with both extreme negativity and hyperbolic statements. I'm sorry you didn't like it, but I vehemently disagree with almost everything you've said here.

_-EDMIX-_370d ago

@sep-it's okay that you disagree with what he says but that's simply means you saw the game differently.

I completely agree with what he's saying because it's the same reasons that I dislike what they've done with the game. This person is not alone with this belief.

CP_Company370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

The true is not important here. Fecking delusional people all over the place. Other games show you red and you are saying it is red, but with zelda, it is different, you see red, you say red, but zelda defenders says it is gold. If you says the true, get ready to be bombed with minuses here, at least here, we dont feel pain, but sites got bomb with dos attacks and so on...nice.

At least 5 games were much better then this zelda, at least 5.

But how some says, it is zelda, it is autamatically goty, no one even looking what kind of game it is.

Soulst0rmer370d ago

Gents above,

I actually really enjoyed the gameplay. It's designed to let you get up and play it for 10 20 minutes and experience something fun. But when it comes to those substances had its core than release at the game apart, this game does not have any of that. There's nothing in this game with any depth or meaning. The shrines are cool but why couldn't they make real dungeons? Hell I just climbed up the castle wall and went straight to Ganon and didn't even experience going through the castle until my next play through. I think you should have had a bigger payoff. what I really would have liked to see as weapons that don't break or get to recharge. No Magic wand used to solve a puzzle, no under water tunic, no point in 1/2 of the armor. The world in breath of the wild is incredible and what they could have built behind it would have been fantastic they forgot the story in the characters in The creativity that Zelda's known for.

Gameplay is 10/10, I'm just trying to say that everything else isn't even there to be judged on.

septemberindecember370d ago


People aren’t “delusional” for thinking Zelda BotW is a fantastic game. That’s just an absurd mentality. Also, “bombed with minuses”...I’m sure I’d be downvoted heavily if I criticized horizon this same way.


Well almost all the mechanics you listed are there to be judged on. There is a story, character building, dungeons, etc. It seems that you just think they are so weak they are practically nonexistent, which is why I called your statement hyperbolic

I loved the shrine puzzels, and I thought that taking on the divine beasts (specifically the gerudo and Zora beasts) were spectacular. My sense of reward didn’t come from what I received, but from the experience itself. Even when just doing shrines or finding korok seeds.

Anyway, I’m not saying you can’t think the way you do. I’m just saying I disagree.

Cobra951370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Soulst0rmer, you have complete freedom. If you're skilled enough, you can bypass most of the game and get to the end credits. I suggest choosing not to do that. I love the freedom of choice, myself.

Edit: There is no point in perhaps 2 sets of armor, plus the initial clothes. With the right sets and upgrades, you can get full elemental immunities, heat/cold resistances, climbing ability, stealth, night speed-up, swim speed, ancient-gear proficiency, guardian resistance--not sure why you think half of these are pointless.

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jagermaster619371d ago

To be fair they started developing it for the Wii u in mind and later decided to bring it to the switch. I'm sure it will look much better creating it from the ground up exclusively for the switch. I understand what you mean though but Nintendo can really make games shine on the switch with their first party studios!

DrJones371d ago

The Switch is only 40% more powerful than the Wii U

_-EDMIX-_370d ago

I mean I'm positive it probably could have been better if it was made from the ground up on the Nintendo switch but that doesn't really ignore all those bizarre design choices.

Like getting rid of dungeons removing a whole bunch of weapons and items that were in the previous Zelda games etc

Jaypi03371d ago

Honestly, I thought his list was going to be half baked, but I agree. I know this game took Hyrule and just made it wide open and given how open world is the trend at the moment I get it, but man did it disappoint in the story bits, the bits that were there were really so neat that I wish there were more.

I had this feeling like all the most interesting things in the world happened 100 years before the game takes place. I wanted to see how Ganon became Calimity Ganon, I wanted too see Link's bond with Mipha grow, or how his and Zelda's relationship went as guard and princess.

I also missed the unique dungeons, Shines are great puzzle rooms, and it's lovely exploring the lands of hyrule, but ultimately. I missed the unique dungeon layouts, the Guardian Beast were nice but ultimately kinda very similar aesthetic wise, not to mention the plot for the guardians along with their bosses were pretty samey.

I'd love another open world Zelda, but i'd also love some actual dungeons in it, some real story telling, deeper insight into the characters I mean yeah in past games Link was mostly silent, but everyone around him at least had some kind of personality and bond with him outside of a cutscene or two.

_-EDMIX-_370d ago

10000% agreed.

All I really want are the return of dungeons. The puzzles inside of the shrines literally felt like something you would play from a Newgrounds game. Early in the game I just completely stopped caring about those shrines as they were just so generic.

It was like every other puzzle was just (let me guess I use the half-life 2 gravity gun to put something heavy on an item on the ground that allows the door to open?)

The gravity gun just felt completely out of place in essentially ripped off from Half-Life 2.

dillydadally370d ago

Personally, I just don't get why n4g likes to bash on this game, like their edgy and it's cool to do. Most of them i think couldn't have even played more than a couple hours.

For example, they bash the story, but what Zelda game has ever been known for its story? For most, the story is just a tool to lead you between dungeons. It's almost nonexistent in most Zelda games. I thought this one at least had an intriguing world and the story bits that were there were well done.

Then they complain about dungeons, saying there were none, but there was more dungeon content in this with the shrines and beasts than any other Zelda! Sure, it's cut up into bite sized pieces and I can understand preferring something else, but don't say it doesn't have dungeons when it has more than any other Zelda.

I even heard one person attack the AI. I've played VERY few games where I was impressed with the AI, and Zelda:BotW is one of them. The way enemies react to you pulling out your bow, the way wolves change their behavior in a pack, the way characters react to rain, and the way some Hinocs learn to cover their eye after getting shot in it a few times all impressed me.

I had things I would change about the game that bugged me too, but it's still an amazing game and probably my favorite Zelda ever. I can understand everyone has personal preferences, but I don't understand people who don't even recognize that the game was close to a masterpiece, even if not their personal cup of tea.

DrJones371d ago

Condence the experience, don't be afraid of adding loading between locations if it enriches the world

sk8ofmnd370d ago

I would love more varried enemies, move sets, and a more engrossed story... Basically what everyone else is saying. You would think with the long development time (4-6 years) they could have nailed all of these. The game still get north of an 8.0 for me and better than skyward sword just weaker than basically every zelda game before ss.

Cobra951370d ago

(1) No durability system
(2) No soul-crushingly ugly, gameplay-ruining incessant weather
(3) No game-interrupting blood moons (find a better way to respawn enemies)

Er, . . . I guess that's all I have. Not bad, really, considering all the goodness for so many hours otherwise.

septemberindecember370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

I’m okay with a durability system, but have some weapons break forever and other weapons have a repair ability. They touched on this idea a bit in breath of the wild with the champion weapons, but they need to increase the durability of them a bit more significantly, and you shouldn’t have to go to one particular shop to repair them.