NVIDIA TITAN V - First gaming benchmarks, offering 27% performance increase over the GTX1080Ti

DSOGaming writes: "NVIDIA has just released the new TITAN V graphics card, and Reddit’s member ‘MrOmgWtfHaxor‘ has shared the first gaming benchmarks for this new GPU. According to the results, and even though this graphics card is not meant for gamers, the TITAN V runs most titles faster than the GTX1080Ti."

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cyclindk286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

Big price for marginal performance increase comparatively. That's always the the real scale to judge such things. In any case, beautiful piece of engineering.

UltraNova286d ago

300% the price of a 1080ti for 25ish% increase in perfomance. Sounds like nVidia alright...

UKRsoldja286d ago

Sounds like it's not a card for gaming, genius..

UltraNova286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

Ahm...did you even read the title of this post? Guess not...if you did you would know that I was OT...genius.


maybelovehate285d ago

It's not aimed at the gaming community. This is all about those CUDA Cores for creating content, not playing. Nice bonus it is awesome at gaming though too.

Dannylew286d ago

to be honest... not the best confirm of superior power for that insane price..

i have understand one thing only..

when 1080ti with AIO cooler drop about 200$ i got 2 of them and i'm full for 4 to 6 years at the half of the price.

badz149286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

LOL at the username. Imagine applying for a job and they see the email address [email protected]

kevnb286d ago

These cards are made for people who don’t care they are getting ripped off.

UKRsoldja286d ago

These cards are made for industrial applications, dumbass. Not gaming.

kevnb285d ago (Edited 285d ago )

does it really matter? No matter what you want it for you are still paying a huge premium for it being hte most powerful card. To be fair, its cheaper than some of the other cards aimed at that market.

maybelovehate285d ago

Depends on how much of a boost we get in applications that take advantage of those CUDA Cores. For example, if Blender renders get decreased by a substantial amount of time, it is well worth it to a lot of users.

Elronza286d ago

As much as I love being a member of the PC Master Race I can't defend this ripoff of a card!

Pandamobile286d ago

This is not a gaming card. The Titan cards are for high-end computing and are usually employed by engineering and data science firms and are obviously not marketed at consumers.

LP-Eleven286d ago

Ya don't have to buy it. It's also not aimed at gamers, it's more so for people who use the hardware for many, many more things than gaming (as I do with my Titan Xp's).

UltraNova286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

Look me in my virtual eyes and tell me you weren't thinking } "but can these run Crysis" when you were buying those cards!

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