GameSpot TGS 2008: Dragon Quest IX Trailer Impressions

GameSpot writes: "Dragon Quest is one of the most popular series in Japan, so people were excited to see a new Dragon Quest IX trailer. At the Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix had a large screen on one end of its rather large area dedicated to showing off new trailers. Dragon Quest IX for the Nintendo DS looks great on the dual screen, so we were disappointed that it was not playable, but we did thoroughly enjoy the new trailer.

The trailer began with a young boy running with a dog by his side. At this point, it doesn't seem very obvious that the game will be on the Nintendo DS. Bright white feathers fall from the sky, and the trailer cuts to a young man in armor running toward the inside of a cave to face a fearsome dragon. Before he reaches the dragon, a female magic user is by his side casting what we can only guess is some kind of enhancement spell before he charges head-on into the beast."

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