(Kingdom Hearts) TGS Day One Roundup

Kingdom Hearts Insider writes: "R-K here bringing you guys an information roundup for the first day of the Tokyo Game Show. Here is all of the information gathered on Day One of TGS. Remember that there are still three more days of TGS left to go, with the next one starting in a few hours, so, expect more information soon!" (Including KH: BBS, 358/2 Days, and Coded)

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Servbot3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Let's just hope the first day was just a complete disaster and that something remotely interesting will happen over the next couple of days.

TheColbertinator3513d ago

E3,Leipzig,and TGS have been very dissaponting to me.Even Square angers me with that Closed Theater crap

Silogon3513d ago

I think most developers are taking the road less traveled now and opting to not show their work until it's up to par with the publishers and themselves.

Sony's TGS is just laughable, though. It's like they want to trade regions with Microsoft or something.