GameSpot TGS 2008: Chocobo to Mahou no Ehon: Majo to Shoujo to 5nin no Yuusha Hands-On

GameSpot writes: "Square Enix provided Nintendo DS stations at the Tokyo Game Show where we could play as a helpful yellow bird. We had watched a trailer earlier where we saw a rather large white bird steering a boat. Without much of an explanation, we saw a chocobo get sucked into a book. It was difficult to tell what was happening exactly, but we automatically knew that anything involving a chocobo would be full of charm. It looked like this would be another cute DS game targeting a younger audience.

After watching the trailer, we sat down and got some hands-on time with the game, attempting to get as far as we could without being able to understand much. The initial scene began with a white bird steering a small ship, most likely talking to itself. All of a sudden, our feathered friend popped out of the crate behind the white bird. We were then attacked by a flying fish of some sort that threw forks (more like tridents) down at us. Using the touch screen, we moved back and forth out of the way of falling silverware. We eventually got away, and together, the two birds headed toward an island in the middle of the sea. The island had a bizarre but elaborate-looking structure. Once we got there, we were greeted by a Moogle who cheerfully led us into the tower."

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