TGS 08: Halo 3: Recon Is A Stand-Alone Expansion

Halo 3: Recon might still technically be an expansion, but the looming questions is of the game price and distribution type. Here's what Microsoft had to say "This new chapter in the Halo saga lets you experience events leading up to the epic story told in Halo 3 through the eyes of a new hero in the Halo universe," this statement was taken from their website and it goes on to say that, "The stand-alone expansion, set to release in fall 2009, extends the award-winning Halo 3 experience with hours of new campaign excursions and multiplayer gameplay."

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Ttam3541d ago

Fall 2009? Wow why is this going to take so long to make? Also why tell us now. I hate it when they do crap like this.

Capt CHAOS3541d ago

This looks awesome. Taking a slight change in direction in halo3 to prepare us for later followings. I like it, halo3 is still awesome and the new levels and support it has been receiving show the game still selling on the charts so long after the release. My hats off to bungie and MS on that.

iceice1233541d ago

And this is not the only game they're working on. I assume that is why it will take so long.

peowpeow3541d ago

Because the name Halo becomes less important as time passes

Capt CHAOS3541d ago

I know plenty who love halo and always have done.

peowpeow3541d ago

Sorry that came out wrong guys, i meant like it's better to announce the halo 3 recon game now so people don't start to forget halo in 2009 and have something to look forward to

Something along the lines of that

kratos-i-am3541d ago

Epic for the XBOX! Seriously I don't know why I bought one! Master Chief is no Solid Snake or Kratos pretty lame character with NO BACKSTORY. He's epic I guess because he's on a pretty lame console, tied to a pretty lame company. lol there was hope I guess for MC remember the trailer where they showed him as a child? Must have ditched it at the last minute... Stupid MS milk a franchise some more won't you! No wonder Bungie wanted out!

Keele3541d ago


Hello, Mister Troll.

If you don't like the game I suggest you click that bright red ''x'' at the top right corner. Alright?

Nobody CARES what you think about the game, nobody CARES about your preference, nobody CARES if you like Ps3 more and nobody CARES about YOU.


When I heard about this expansion I must say I'm pretty excited. I definitely look forward to it.

CAPT IRISH3541d ago

I'll buy it, I have been waiting for this

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