Days Gone Will Release in 2018 According to Shu Yoshida; More Info on the Game Shared

Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida gives a 2018 release window for Days Gone, sharing more info about the game.

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KhanBaba311d ago

Man PS4's 2018 is absolutely amazing

Days Gone
Concrete Genie
MB the show 2018

Just wow. Keep destroying the competition Sony.

AspiringProGenji311d ago

Another untrollable lineup ahead!

310d ago
Foxhound922310d ago

Poor Woolly....he's upset guys. :(

Looks like a pretty stacked list and I can guarantee even more big hitters that aren't on that list as well.

Felsager310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

Yes without a doubt an untrollable lineup. Sony is hitting the ceiling in success and delivering.

Well, looks like Woolly_ is deeply butthurt. His troll account continues on an endless down voting roll. Such is the life of a dumbass lowlife xbot loser.

morganfell310d ago

Yeah remember this:

Smackdown for another dumb website.

Movefasta1993310d ago

And you didn’t even include console exclusives like ni no and there’s still yakuza

G20WLY310d ago

Or the VR exclusive line up. Some are looking amazing!

81BX310d ago

Only care for days gone and GOW. I'm picking days gone for my #1. Reminds me of last of us :)

81BX310d ago

No doubt I will pick up spider man but it's just meh to me. I've always favored wolverine and Batman lol.

alb1899310d ago

I don't count with titles Tha have not date of release anymore as a owner of the three consoles in every generation my experience have show me so.

KhanBaba310d ago

Nice, so you don't count State of decay, crackpipe 3 etc too. Good to know that. Xbox lineup looks like an even bigger joke. Lmao

Nyxus310d ago

You may not count them but they still exist.

trooper_310d ago

Okay, that's nice.

But guess what. They're still games!

alb1899310d ago

Calm down I'm very excited for all this games but I just don't count them for 2018 until we have dates. And yes it is the same with the XBOX and their small offer. You guys are too defensive Jajaja
Even the head of PlayStation told that they don't show date anymore until they secure the release...... Jajaja, this people!

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Ceaser9857361310d ago

Damn! PS4 gonna dominate hands down.. No "Power" and No "Nostalgia" can stop the Wrath of PS4 in 2018..

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chrisx311d ago

My most anticipated title next year. Can't wait!

Hardiman311d ago

Just like I thought so many want to say it's generic but there's so much more than whats been shown! I can't wait to play it!!!!

PhoenixUp311d ago

The differences Days Gone will have with The Last of Us: Part II is that it’ll be open world, a dynamic weather system with day and night cycles which affect how the Freakers will react, allow for multiple vehicles to be freely accessed, & zombies/Freakers can attack in an overwhelming horde.

As more details get released people will be able to easier identify the differences between the two upcoming first party titles set in a zombie apocalypse.

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PhoenixUp311d ago

You’re saying that when we don’t even have all the details on this game yet.

How much of an identity did The Last of Us have during its first 3 previews?

chiefJohn117310d ago

Days gone looks waaaaay better than TLOU. Tlou was too linear and cinematic it played itself. You got almost as much satisfaction watching as you did playing. Most overrated game of last gen Imo. However days gone look like what I was expecting from tlou. Story wise it was great but from a gaming stand point meh

snoopgg310d ago

The last of us was linear perfection. Microsoft wishes it had linear games as good as The last of us. Days gone being open world gives us gamers options in what kind of game we want to play. I will be playing both.

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