80° Trophy Guide - Linger In Shadows

"Linger In Shadows is a piece of digital video artwork. This is not a game in the traditional sense, rather an abstract, interactive experience designed to challenge and captivate your inquisitive mind."
Those are the exact words of the XMB Trophy Details for Linger In Shadows, and it could not be more true. When the title was first announced it was thought to purely be a tech demo of what the PS3 was capable of, but since then we had learned it was a game Interactive Art, and quite a beautiful piece of Interactive Art at that.

There are 16 Trophies for the title broken down into two groups; 'Sigil Of …' and 'Greeting To …' Trophies. Each Trophy group have their own way of being earned. The 'Sigil Of …' Trophies are earned in 'Linger' mode where the 'Thanks To …' Trophies can be earned in 'Linger' or 'Watch' mode. All Trophies can easily be earned within just a few minutes and on a single play, however you'll miss out on the true beauty of Linger In Shadows if you choose to do so quickly. This is one title I would highly recommend you playing through normally and resorting to this guide in the case you get stuck… which shouldn't be too likely.

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Cat3566d ago

Beware, using a Trophy Guide kinda spoils the fun of the game - but Trophy Whores will be Trophy Whores. ;)

Wildarmsjecht3566d ago

I am a whore of different magnitudes. But I do like me trophies and different art styles in games.

Phoenix83873566d ago

Couldn't agree more, but people always want it so I give them what they want. :)
Though, LiS is a pretty simple game. It still could be rough on some.

Sev3566d ago

Yeah, rough on me. I got stuck a number of times.

Definitely a unique experience though.

akaFullMetal3566d ago

so does it look good???
well it wont break the bank, only being 2.99, so ill probably get it tomorrow, should be fun.

Phoenix83873566d ago

It may not be the most georgeous looking thing, but weighing in at 101MB and costing $3 I think it looks good for the money and size.

legendkilla3566d ago

the most random "game" ever!

Lou-Cipher3566d ago

Just finished getting all trophies and i must say it is definitely worth the $2.99 (and yes I did use the guide after a couple times through for the few remaining trophies)

Dragunov3566d ago

Easyest trophies ever. It takes me about an hour to find everything and the first half i was sruggling with the sixasis to pass the levels.. DO NOT USE THE GUIDE!!! its a waste

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