Death Stranding's New Trailer Was Running on PS4 Pro; Part of it Is Playable

Hideo Kojima walked the stage at PlayStation Experience to give more information on his upcoming game Death Stranding, coming to PS4.

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Zero_Suit_Samus219d ago

“Death Stranding's New Trailer Was Running on PS4 Pro; Part of it Is Playable”

Best looking visuals on any console.

LP-Eleven219d ago

Besides The Last Of Us Part II, which was also running on the Pro!

_-EDMIX-_219d ago

I mean it's pretty debatable and it really depends on preference I guess, good thing PlayStation Gamers get to play both.

freshslicepizza219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

There are so many great looking games already including Battlefront II. I expect this game 2019 and will also come out on the PS5.

darthv72219d ago

Pretty much every PS game you will see showcased will be shown on a Pro. That way they are shown in best possible light for the platform.

Who does not know this already?

LP-Eleven219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

@darth: I don't need you, of all people, to tell me anything about PlayStation or what's "running on the Pro".

@_-EDMIX-_: Of course it's debatable, but then, I never argued that it wasn't.

DialgaMarine219d ago

Yeah, let’s not have another “Horizon vs Uncharted” moment. Both games look incredible and both games represent what makes PlayStation the best place to play top quality games.

Damthatsword218d ago (Edited 218d ago )

This was waay better graphically than the last of us though. The amount of effects and stuff going on also completely dwarfs it too, which also makes it several times harder to maintain that visual quality.

All youre gona do in the last of us 2 is shoot fungus ppl and do the walky talky. But death stranding? Jeezuz raptor christ look at that sh*t! What was that giant thing?! If DS will actually come out looking and playing like that, then holy zues balls the game speaks for itself.

LP-Eleven218d ago (Edited 218d ago )

@Damthatsword: As good as Death Stranding looks, it does NOT look “way better” than The Last Of Us Part II.

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KhanBaba219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

Makes X looks like atari.

Looks better than SoT, crackpipe 3 and SoD combined. Kudos Sony for backing Kojima-san's vision. This game looks amazing. Absolutely amazing.

That Decime Engine is a BEAST. Now wait for the armchair xbots to tell us how death Stranding was just a CG, while the actual developer is saying it's all real time.

Zeref219d ago

Most of it was probably inengine but the parts where it was ingame were obvious

No Way219d ago

You're a bitter little man, aren't you? lol

DarXyde219d ago

No one's talking about Xbox.

G20WLY218d ago

^lol at zeref 😂

Who would like to set him straight? I can't be bothered 😴

chiefJohn117218d ago

You're making yourself look bitter, jealous and insecure.

218d ago
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Obscure_Observer219d ago


"Best looking visuals on any console."

I´m sorry, but Kojima hasn´t mastered Decima yet. Horizon Zero Dawn has far better visuals than Death Stranding.

UCForce219d ago

I’m sorry, but Kojima was impressed by GG Engine.

ILostMyMind219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

So we can expect the final product to be better.

343_Guilty_Spark219d ago

It didn’t look better than HZD to me either.

rainslacker218d ago

Good to know that Death Stranding will likely end up looking better then.

Lets face it, Kojima is keen on making the best looking games, and tends to take the time to master whatever he's working on. He's been a master of this since MGS.

Heavenly King218d ago

It looks way better than Horizon on the PRO

Damthatsword218d ago

Bwahaha what? This looks light years ahead of both horizon and tlou 2. Kojimas track record for graphics speaks for itself.

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TRU3_GAM3R219d ago

Bf2 looks better than anything on ps4 and X

morganfell219d ago

Nope. I have it on PC running in 4K with everything maxxed out and those repeating models and corridors look nothing like what the Decima Engine can generate.

joe1223219d ago

Why can't they show gameplay of this 3 years after announcing it?

219d ago
bluefox755218d ago (Edited 218d ago )

I say it all the time, and get downvoted constantly for it, but developer talent will trump hardware power every time. This is yet another example of it.

PrematuaProcrastin8a218d ago

Ah, so graphics DO matter? Good, cos I have the world's most powerful console.

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Hardiman219d ago

Absolutely breathtaking and it was real time!

Morgan___219d ago Show
Paytaa219d ago

It's been a long time since a brand new IP with a AAA budget has made me audibly say "what the actual F". This looks so cool. Love the subtle Lovecraftian influences on whatever those ghostly entities were.

Hardiman219d ago

It is crazy as hell but so well done! I can't wait to jump into the rabbit hole!

xtheblackparade219d ago

I hope this doesn't mean it runs like ass on orignal ps4. With that I mean a solid 30fps with no drops.

MasterCornholio219d ago

Did that happen with Horizon?

xtheblackparade219d ago

I don't know, never played that. I had a particularly bad experience with Dark Souls 3. Dark souls 2 remaster spoiled me with it's 60 frames I guess but it's so hard to enjoy DS3 or any action game on sub 30 coming from that.

Enjoigamin219d ago

You should go play HZD.....

BIGBOSS08219d ago

I doubt that. Majority of people will play it on the original ps4 so it would be a dumb move by sony to gimp it too much.

Damthatsword218d ago

Whaaa? I had mostly consistent 30 fps on my og ps4 in ds3. our milage may vary but i found bloodborne to be worse in technical performance. Do you have a large tv? Anything over 46" will probably make a console struggle. Alas, ever since i got a pro almost all games are coompletely stable.

Hell i tried out bloodborne on boost mode and its MUCH more stable. I always had framerate chugs in the 1st part of both old yharnam and the dlc and poof now its smooth as a baby's ass.

I have a pc now, so hurray 60 fps for all games! But no bwoodbornez :(

LateNightThirst218d ago

The size of your TV has nothing to do with GPU load nor graphical performance

Father__Merrin219d ago

PS4 is the number 1 gaming platform bar non

Unreal01219d ago

Honestly, you'd have to be pretty ignorant to think otherwise.

Sitdown219d ago

Or perhaps enjoy a wider range of games and customizatios at cheaper software prices like those with a gaming PC.

chiefJohn117218d ago

Opinions.....we all have em....

Sitdown219d ago

Better than PC? Because that is considered a gaming platform by the "master race".

OneLove218d ago (Edited 218d ago )

Hell no

Father__Merrin218d ago

Can anyone point out a game on pc that's looking as good as this? Can't find any on humblebundle/indiegala/fanatic al

WeebLord218d ago (Edited 218d ago )

It was an open field and a crater. It's not a bad looking game, the performance capture on the faces was excellent. But let's slow our roll, it's not out yet and it took Kojima 4-5 games (MGS4 was close) to make a game I actually enjoyed playing.

I'm just saying, hyping things up based on trailers and zero gameplay is perhaps just a little... Childish.

PS you never specified visually, just that it was the best place to play games. I've spent more time playing the last 4 Total War titles on PC than any of the exclusives on Xbox or PS4. It's like... We are all different or something man.

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