Outlast 2 is old news, Outlast 3 coming "at some point"

PC Aficionado: "A whole bunch of Outlast news is here for fans of the intense survival horror series. A post on the game’s Facebook page talked about DLC plans for the second title, a VR game, and the third installment in the series. Short of a port to Nintendo Switch coming next year, Red Barrels said that Outlast 2 will be receiving no more DLC."

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r3f1cul368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

this time with even more chase sequences, in fact, its just one giant long chase sequence that doesnt allow you to enjoy any actual ambiance or be surprised at all when you are chased because you are ALWAYS being chased, so much chase, chase, chase, mchasey chaserton ... but seriously my god i have never been more let down by a sequel in my life (probably an exaggeration but still) outrun 2 just really missed the mark IMO giant disappointment it really just got to the point to where i was like "oh look, another chase sequence ... yay!" completely false enthusiasm over and over ...

_-EDMIX-_368d ago

I actually thought the sequel's going to be the beginning of them actually making a serious survival horror where you actually could fight the enemies but seeing that it was just a long Chase sequence is what made me decide to not buy the second even though I enjoyed the first.

I mean don't get me wrong the first game is it fun play through but I don't see me just doing that for three or four other games.

Just no

C-H-E-F367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Ehh, I played the first one and that was good enough for me... wasn't that great of a game to have sequel(s) come out.