WWE 2K18 for Switch Review - IGN

The WWE series hits rock bottom with this nearly unplayable Switch port.

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Kiknyonutz346d ago

If you can't do it right, why bother doing it at all?

Xx_Pistol_xX346d ago

It's funny how they can get it right on compotent hardware.

Segata346d ago

Even on systems, it does run well these are bad games anyway. Aki and Yukes are missed. They have yet to come close to WWF No Mercy.

balance2theforce346d ago

Aki hell yeah. Yukes...not so much in my book. I do agree that these newer games couldn't even hold open the ropes dor games like No Mercy, WCW vs NWO: World Tour and others to step in the ring.

346d ago
nevin1346d ago

The PS4 version sucks anyway.

They should finally reboot this series.

Gman32345d ago

i hope 2k releases a patch soon for wwe 2k18 on nintendo switch soon