Ps.Blog: White Knight Chronicles media event

Ps.Blog: Just a few minutes ago, one of the most anticipated games of Tokyo Game Show was formally unveiled to the media: White Knight Chronicles (called Shirokishi here in Japan). I sat in on the session and, um, chronicled it for you here:

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Grassroots3356d ago

Wow, I shouldn't read anymore about this game because we'll have to wait well into next year for it to be localized for the states.

I hope you can keep the design for Leonard they created because while it's cool to make your own i do like the look of him already.

Liquid Dust3355d ago

It appears that the avatar that you design plays the role of Leonard's friend that you can use for online play, whether or not you can use Leonard's look or even the character himself for online play, which is what I think you are asking right, is an interesting question. I like the look of his character as well.

Final_Rpg3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

I'm ordering it from japan if its got English subtitles.

Overr8ed3355d ago

imagine if you can use your Home avatar to customize your persons face. That would be so cool. This game looks amazing and i cant wait to get my hands on it in the US.

legendkilla3355d ago

I cant wait! this should be lots of fun

meepmoopmeep3355d ago

"During the Q&A, Motomura-san assures “a huge number” of online quests, and reiterates that it’s different from the offline “story” mode. It’s basically 2 RPGs in one title."

that's what i'm talkin' about!!!

Lanoire3355d ago

Just reading that blog makes my head explode.
If this is not the most anticipated RPG of the year and next year than what is!

Holy shiat.

sonarus3355d ago

lol now you guys jump on the hype train. I was riding that thing solo for almost a yr. Sure there were a couple of us on it but we never even met lol

WKC is going to be phenomenal and so will Yakuza 3. 2009 will be another great yr for japanese games. Yakuza 3 is now my most anticipated JRPG and WKC is a very very very close 2nd place

Grassroots3355d ago

Sweet if the avatar is made for online, and you can use the original for the single player campaign that would work out rather nicely.

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Gaystation 33356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

Star Ocean 4 > Tales of Vesperia > Infinite Undiscovery > Eternal Sonata > Lost Odyssey > Blue Dragon > Enchanted Arms > White Knight Chronicles

Rick Astley3356d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

Star Ocean 4 = Developed by Tri-Ace = More empty environments = Flop.
Tales of Vesperia = Namco-Bandai RPG = Mediocre
Infinite Undiscovery = Developed by Tri-Ace = MEGA FLOP.
Eternal Sonata = Namco-Bandai RPG = Mediocre.
Lost Odyssey = Mistwalker = MEGA flop.
Blue Dragon = Mistwalker = MEGA flop.

White Knight Chronicles = Developed by Level-5 = AAA RPG with 4 player online co-op, 1080p native support, 100+ hours of story gameplay, etc. The Xbox 360 still doesn't have a single AAA RPG. The real RPG's are coming in 2009 and they're all available on PS3. None of that Tri-Ace or Mistwalker trash. We're talking REAL RPG's here. You can get back to sucking on your little brother's balls and penis now fairy boy.

lodossrage3355d ago

White Knight Chronicles isn't just a rpg, it's THE RPG.

Most of those games you mentioned have either flop or have been met with slightly above average results. Those games you mentioned (with the exception of maybe star ocean) are just rpg, they aren't RPG

And yes, the capitals are saying something. Just use your common sense and you'll know what I mean

thereapersson3355d ago

Just ignore him, like I have *now*

ThatCanadianGuy3355d ago

The fact that you put White Knight last,just goes to show how jealous you are.

Common Sense3355d ago

It's name is MASS EFFECT.
That game is awesome.
I will be buying WKC and if Mass Effect makes it way on the PS3,I will also buy it.

Solid_Snake6663355d ago

id always wanted to try lost oddesy its looks fun but gotta agree blue what? is a mega flop

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Xwow20083356d ago

can,t come to NA and eu this fall :(
i want to play jrpg.

dimitry213356d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

this is truely a must have for next year.Finaly ps3 will get one big rpg thats going to killes all 360 rpg all in one

CaptainHowdy3355d ago

it's best rpg (mass effect) is now under the EA house, and thus its fate is questionable.

Final_Rpg3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

I hear Mass Effect 2 is coming to the ps3 after a set period of time? Not that I really care for western RPG's anyway...

RememberThe3573356d ago

You know that fact that Level-5 says this game is massive, means this game is effing humongous! I cannot wait for this game. Seriously, I'm having a hard time sitting here.

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