20° - Valkyria Chronicles Demo Impressions writes:

"I didn't mind it when Sony packaged the SOCOM: Confrontation beta with Qore. I didn't even mind when they bundled that MotorStorm: Pacific Rift demo with it. However, when I found out that they bundled Sega's Valkyria Chronicles demo with the latest issue of Qore, I shook my head in disbelief. The bloody demo is freely available for European and Japanese PSN users. Bundling it with Qore is just silly, SCEA.

As fun as it is to make fun of SCEA for their peculiar strategy, let's get down to business. I'm here to talk about my time with the Valkyria Chronicles demo. Thanks to SCEE, I was able to try this 581 MB demo and you know what? It's surprisingly good! I came for the art the style, but I stayed for the game's unique blend of real-time turn based strategy gameplay."

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Raoh3542d ago

i just played this demo

was really excited to play it and really really cant wait for the release now.

it really is different. i'm looking forward to having to payattention to strategies when in long battles. positioning your character in the open you can get your player killed. so using your AP is important.

the only thing i didnt like was the text dialogue during the tutorial. games should really just throw you in and walk you through it like a tech demo not like an on screen manual.

Checkmate3542d ago

i liked it- it was different- almost like a mix of a fps and chess- makes you think a little before you send ur men/women out there- BUT- i dont think its worth $60- seems like it could be a psn downloadable game- but that's just me- ill wait til it's in the bargain bin-

[email protected]3542d ago

I'm completely agree with both of u. The game mechanics are great, the Va was kk and the graphics are seriously unique (at least for me). The story... there not such thing on the game so I can't make a comment for this but look like its going to be great ^^