Xbox One Will Not Hold Xbox One X Back For Now, But Can Be An Issue Later – War Thunder Dev

Gaijin's Anton Yudintsev believes the Xbox One X will ultimately be beneficial for Xbox One players.

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AizenSosuke371d ago

Pretty bottlenecking in a nutshell

Leila___369d ago

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FallenAngel1984371d ago

Well Xbox One will continue to be the base console, so it shouldn’t be that much of an issue. You’re not primarily developing for the premium system Anton

TheUndertaker85369d ago

They should be developing for the X first and foremost then scaling down to the One. Doing so will yield greater results versus the other way around.

theXtReMe1370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

If anything, the X is good news for original system. Just as high end PC gaming is awesome for the X. Because they are all in the same ecosystem, developers can copy and paste from high end PCs to the X and then to the base system. Pushing each to its max, before framerates start to buckle.

The PCs best allows the higher end textures, which most developers would probably forgo making without high end PC gamers, to make their way over to the X. Which makes the higher resolutions look even better, with crisper, cleaner, more detailed texture work from the foreground... into the distance. A win, win for both PC and console owners.

Its this ecosystem that is really going to benefit Microsoft and the Xbox brand in the future. Especially if PC games start making their way to Xbox consoles. Id lve to see some of the PC only past titles make their way over. Games like Freespace and X, along with Crysis and its sequels. Complete with the modded high end PC textures and modern effects.

Cmv38369d ago

By the time the xb1 is holding back the xbx, it will be a new console generation anyways.

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