Horizon Zero Dawn Shut Out at Game Awards

Phil @ Handsome Phantom thinks that HZD got snubbed and says, "One of the big categories that it seems the awards may have picked wrong this year is Best Narrative."

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GamesMaster1982198d ago

Horizon was one of if not the best game this year .

Cyborgg198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

It will probably win game of the year on other game websites like ign and gamespot. If not it will definitely win the best PS4 game of the year.

Eonjay198d ago

The winner is selected by 51 individual sites. Gamers are not allowed to vote. We are to be told what we should consider GOTY by select internet sites. This isn't democratic. There is no representation.

Team_Litt198d ago

Eonjay that sounds more like a popularity contest than anything. CoD would win everything in that case.

Eonjay198d ago

@ Team_Litt

I don't think gamers would vote for COD every year and I am one of those who still buys COD
Here is the list of judges:

-Foxtrot198d ago

I can't believe they don't have a "Best Studio" category but have a Best ESports, Youtuber, Esports Team, Student Game, Chinese Game award.

I thought GG might have had a chance in that for the work they put into it and making something completely different from Killzone

Jinger198d ago

@Fox Trot

Absolutely agree

FITgamer198d ago

@Eonjay Except this year this did include the online votes. They took the average of gamer's votes and industry votes.

Lexreborn2198d ago


I recognized that too, that each game category was picked by the sites. And then only 8 million people voted on the selection that was pre-approved by the websites/companies.

Hardly a representation of the entirety of gaming with well over 100 million people playing. I got disagrees for pointing it out, but you can’t disagree with the facts on how it was handled.

This is more like the electoral college voting process then a open democratic process. And it’s perfectly fine to agree or disagree with the method.

bluefox755198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

It was chosen by game journalists, there was no chance that that they weren't going to pick a Nintendo game. Game journalists tend to skew a bit differently than the overall population of gamers. If you remember last year, Uncharted 4 overwhelmingly won the most "readers/viewers choice" GOTY awards, but with "critic's choice" it was almost neck and neck with Overwatch.

darthv72198d ago

Horizon rep stand up to the podium... "It was an honor just being nominated. Thank you" (exists podium)

michellelynn0976198d ago

Since Zelda got a 10 and Horizon didn't on those sites. Zelda will win goty.

DialgaMarine198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

@Eonjay To be fair, that system is probably to best way to determine it. Let’s be honest, the vast majority of regular gamers who vote in this show definitely did not play every game that makes each list, and even if they did, they would still likely vote based on personal bias. There might be a lack of representation, but it also prevents said bias from having too much control, ie it would typically be the game that sold the most, rather than the one that was genuinely the best, that wins each award. As much as I think Horizon deserved it, we have to call a spade a spade here and accept that it didn’t. Just for the game to be nominated, over so many others, and pitted up against some of the biggest names in the industry is still incredible and speaks a lot to the game’s quality.

BadElf198d ago

@Eonjay....I went to vote for the Game Awards. The 51 sites just choose the 5 games for each category.....

Babadook7198d ago

Sony has a long history of being snubbed at this event. Nintendo does ok. MS gets far more wins here than the rest of the industry though. Even the last of us, one of the greatest games of all time, and winner of the most game of the year awards ever, did not win at VGA’s.

Elwenil198d ago


It's not an average, the general public only gets 10% of the voting power and only for certain categories. GOTY is not one of them.

"Who selects the winners?

The winners in most categories are determined by the international jury (90%) and a public fan vote (10%) across and Google Search Voting. In the categories of Best Esports Game, Best Esports Player, Best Esports Team, Most Anticipated Game, and Trending Gamer, the public fan vote across Twitter DM, Facebook Messenger, and Google Search Voting solely determines the winner. Fan voting closes on Wednesday, December 6 at Midnight PT."

NewMonday197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

It was just tough competition this year, What Remains of Edith Finch is a deserved winner in the narrative category, it achieved a new standard for storytelling in gaming.

For art direction Cuphead also achieved a new standard for gaming.

for game direction Zelda achieved a new standard for game design in a sandbox game.

but like Foxtrot said, there should be a best studio or best production award to recognize excellence in multiple categories. also a best technical performance to award the people who make these games actually possible, the programmers. HZD achieved a new stranded for top-end graphics in an open world game and the game run great.

Skull521197d ago

It was mediocre just like all of GG games.

Old McGroin197d ago

@ Eonjay
PlayStation has a big majority in fan base so if it was down to gamer votes then PlayStation games would win every award every year.

197d ago
indysurfn197d ago

Even though I'd like for Horizon to have won (At least it should have been BEST NEW IP for heavens sake). I think any other year Horizon would have won GAME OF THE YEAR easily.

I feel no shame about it losing to Zelda breath of the wild AVERAGE rating over 97% and proclaimed the best game ever by many. Or to Mario also a AVERAGE rating over 97%. I bet Horiday TWO will win game of the year when it comes out.

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Septic198d ago

Perhaps but which award do you think it should have won?

Nyxus198d ago

Could have been any of the ones it was nominated for?

thekhurg198d ago

Best soundtrack.
Best new IP.
Game of the year.

Those 3 easily.

Big_Game_Hunters198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

Cup head wasnt going to lose for aestethic. Persona 5 is better at being an RPG. Ashley burch simply isn't cream of the crop, she lost to a devloper that never did voice acting before . The story is alrigt for video games, Lthough very tried. And of course, Critics already made clear what their GOTYs are, just look at metascores. Every category it was nominated for there was a game that did it better.

Jinger198d ago


Best Soundtrack - no way
Best New IP - debatable. It didn't really do anything new, but it did what it did very good.
Game of the Year - I would have given it to Mario Odyssey over Zelda.

DialgaMarine198d ago

I’m curious why they don’t have a Best Graphics category anymore. There’s no debating that Horizon would take that title hands down.

DarXyde198d ago

thekhurg ,

Best soundtrack? I'd give that to Persona 5 easily. New IP, I would agree. And while Horizon isn't my GOTY, I would have no gripe with it winning. It was a stellar game.

I_am_Batman198d ago

It's not like it definitively should've won any but I think it had a good shot at some. For example I've voted for it in:
-Best narrative
-Best direction
-Best art direction

OffRoadKing198d ago

Best robot dinosaur game containing a female lead character with red hair..

sampsonon198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

Best action adventure .
Best Sound

just two, even thought i think it could have won in any of the categories it was in.

sampsonon198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

best action adventure

which is one of many t could or should have one.

think about it, it wasn't even nominated for sound

TekoIie198d ago


"think about it, it wasn't even nominated for sound"

None of the nominees outside of Hellblade did anything spectacular with sound (I'd maybe exclude RE7 from that because sound is an important aspect of Horror). If Horizon: ZD won best audio it would be a bit of a joke since Hellblade had some brilliant sound design.

Felsager198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

Septic, do us a favor, piss off dumbass.


BenRC01197d ago

Best graphics, best new ip, best open world etc etc. Started playing this again recently, it's just stunning to look at. The one X can keep polishing turds but this is art!

mellkor197d ago Show
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-Foxtrot198d ago

Sad to see that a great game like this got subbed so badly...I expected at least one award

It's a brand new IP aswell which now sends off the message "If you are thinking about taking a risk and doing something new...don't. You won't get anything for it".

Jinger198d ago

I think the sales and popularity and overall praise speak more than this award over all... I mean has any game or publisher boosted its sales because of these awards?

Theknightofnights198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

There were new IP's that were praised that the VGA's. Hellblade and Cuphead both won 2 or 3 awards each.

Ashlen198d ago

"It's a brand new IP aswell which now sends off the message "If you are thinking about taking a risk and doing something new...don't. You won't get anything for it".

That's a bit over dramatic don't you think? I mean, I would have liked to see it take some awards but it's hardly like The Game Awards in the be all end all of gaming, heck I don't even think it matters at all. Horizon was still highly praised by reviewers and fans it was a commercial success and it will win it's fair share of awards from other publications.

Team_Litt198d ago

I know, there is no excuse for bad subtitles!

Team_Litt198d ago

Come on though, lots of new IP's won stuff. You are making it sound like it was the only new IP of the year

I_am_Batman198d ago

I think you are overestimating the influence of the awards. Horizon is a highly successful and critically acclaimed new IP. Sure it would've been great to see it win an award but it's already great that they've been nominated for multiple awards in a year with so many great competitors. Guerrilla Games can be proud of themselves.

combatcash198d ago

@Foxtrot it sold extremely well, and most people loved the game. I’ve only played a few minutes of this game so can’t really comment on it deserving to be a game of the year winner. However even being nominated for the award is a good accomplishment considering all the competition out there.

JackBNimble198d ago

So if you don't win why bother doing it?
Wow... That's great advice, maybe athletes should have that mentality.

RommyReigns198d ago

'It's a brand new IP aswell which now sends off the message "If you are thinking about taking a risk and doing something new...don't. You won't get anything for it".'

Relevant after the 2016 TGAs, and again in 2017. It's like the winner at the TGAs is the game that is likely not to get the majority of GotY awards but given the award like a type of sympathy vote. Happened last year with Overwatch (which got resoundingly hounded by Uncharted 4) and will happen again this year to Zelda BotW by the competition.

Twinblade198d ago

Do developers even care about game awards?

freshslicepizza198d ago

Didn't Overwatch win last year and isn't that a new IP? What is it with some Sony fans, never satisfied.

TallonIV198d ago

...or the game just didn't win because people preferred the other games on the list.

Imagine that!

Stevonidas197d ago

Ummm, HELLBLADE anyone?

Horizon was a jack of all trades and a master of none. Deal with it.

SenorFartCushion197d ago

Cuphead won 2. That's a new ip. I think you care more about the ps part of Horizon.

FinalFantasyFanatic197d ago

I never played Hell Blade but people are saying it won too many awards, I'm still waiting for a decent price job before I buy it.

ShinRon197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

Hzd took few risks and did nothing new

TankCrossing197d ago

@JackBNimble some of the best athletes I've ever had the privilege of competing against do have that attitude. One of my idols once said to me "if you're not here to win, there is no point being here at all".

Obviously making games isn't a competition and that doesn't apply at all, but I just found your choice of analogy interesting.

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Aceman18198d ago

It's my co-goty with Mario Odyssey so I could care less if they didn't want to pick it for any category. It is a awesome game.

trooper_198d ago

Agreed. Horizon got robbed pretty hard.

Relientk77198d ago

Without a doubt, and the best new IP this generation

hulk_bash1987198d ago

I can see HZD winning a lot of best PS4 Game awards. Also Best Graphics, Best Art Direction and Best New IP. But Id bet money that BOTW wins GOTY from a lot of other gaming sites. It's pretty much universally loved by most gaming outlets.

RommyReigns198d ago

Horizon and Super Mario Odyssey got robbed. At least PUBG didn't win, that could have caused widespread riots.

itsmebryan198d ago

Well, they didn't feel the same. They thought the others were better.

ShockUltraslash198d ago

Horizon was garbage.
Boring open world, mediocre combat system, story was 3rd rate high school fanfiction.
Main character looks hideous.

Ceaser9857361198d ago

HDZ at least deserved the Best Action Adventure awards, but hey! lets choose something else based on Nostalgia...

TheSaint197d ago

Zelda was the safe choice.

SharnOfTheDEAD197d ago

Leonardo DeCaprio was snubbed for year after year at the Oscars, doesn't mean any of the films he was in were bad. Just is what it is pretentious snobbery from the self proclaimed elite. What remains of Edith Finch has no business being at best narrative. Yakuza 0 told a better story than that.

Seraphim197d ago

Yes it was. there was a lot of great games this year though. Neir. Nioh, HZD, Persona 5 and Mario. Of course Zelda was solid. Personally both Neir and HZD were a game above others in my book. From top to bottom HZD was engaging and just a blast. It's truly sad that the game didn't get a single award. Though the VGAs are an utter joke and have been for some time imo. However it is still a big deal and awards for the industry.

joab777197d ago

Tough year. For me it was Nioh personally. But top games are Horizon, Zelda, P5, Nier and Assasins Creed Origins. Of those, Horizon has the least issue imho. And while I am a die hard Zelda fan and it was a reinvention of the IP, it was FAR from the genre redefining game ppl make it out to be. It built off of what so many others have been doing for years. It’s just that it released with a new way to play.

maybelovehate197d ago

It is a great game, but I wouldn't put it close to Zelda. Zelda is a game of the century.

joe1223197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

HA , you guys get a game that doesn't suck and you guys act like its the best game ever...its pretty look at and it plays mediocre

TheGamingArt197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

That’s a cruel thing to say about Breath of the Wild... although I do agree.

Loadedklip197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

And that is why it was nominated on so many categories. So much butthurt from so many fans here. It got critical acclaim just by being there. You guys are taking it not winning as a negative. This was an amazing year for gaming. There many games others consider as good or better than Zelda or Horizon that didnt get nominated for GotY. Relax. Horizon did get nominated. That is awesome.