Top 5 Final Fantasy Games That Need To Be Remade

Here are the undisputed, top 5 Final Fantasy games that need remade before 2020.

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FallenAngel1984135d ago

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core needs a remaster, especially with Final Fantasy VII Remake on the way

InKnight7s135d ago

They already said that both Dierge of Cerberus and Crisis Core isnt a thing with FFVII remake.

aziz96135d ago


bigmalky135d ago

After seeing what's happening to VII remake, none of them. They're perfect as they are.

Just a VII and IX style remaster for VIII will make me happy enough.

meatnormous135d ago

Wish I could upvote your comment 30 times. 8 just needs a remaster and my FF library will be complete.

Rebel_Scum135d ago

lol, ok Square Enix, remake 5 long ass games before 2020. Nevermind the fact it takes you more than three years for you to finish 1 game let alone 5. Just get it done.

Haurus135d ago

IV, VI, VIII, IX & Crisis Core.