Add a year to your Xbox Live Gold membership for $40

The usual cost for an Xbox Live Gold membership costs $60, this deal brings it down to just $40.

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Wikkid666371d ago

Just use Bing/Microsoft Rewards and you can get it for free.

Wikkid666371d ago (Edited 371d ago )

It gives you points for every MS purchase (Xbox Games, etc) and for every Bing search. You can redeem those things for tons of stuff. But the best value is for services like Xbox Live. My Gold membership is good till 2020. LOL Going to start get the Game Pass just because it will be free.

b3l0kk371d ago

They had to refund me because the code did not work for my region (I'm in the USA).. even though the listing says region free


Just tried it and same thing happened to me, how do you get the refund?

b3l0kk371d ago

they emailed me and said they would refund me

OneLove371d ago

All you had to do was use the link they gave you and it makes you enter it on the Microsoft website. Smh you gave up to early.

b3l0kk370d ago

I tried that many times and it did not work for me

Shadow Man371d ago

Did you try to redeem it on Microsoft’s website ? Because the same happened to me when I did through my Xbox one, but if you redeem it online it work no problem.


Didn't work for me on

zaherdab371d ago

whats with the payment fee ... they charge you for paying them!?