Bungie: Recon Is Our last Halo Trilogy Project

US-based developer Bungie has revealed to that the newly-announced Halo 3 Recon, set for release next Autumn as an extension to the super-selling Halo 3, will be the last project in the first-person shooter trilogy that the company plans to undertake.

Bungie is currently working on three separate projects, of which only the Halo title is so far known to the public, but according to community and PR director Brian Jarrard that team currently working on Recon won't continue to work on Halo projects in that series once the game ships.

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i_like_ff73568d ago

Thats what they said with halo 3....If ms demands more halo on 360, they're be more...

silverchode3568d ago

ms doesnt need bungie to make halo games.

meepmoopmeep3568d ago

i "recon" this won't be the last.

get it? reckon? recon?
ahh, forget it!


Rekyyli3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Say hello to Hideo "This is my last MGS" Kojima. Bungie must be teaming up with him.

Lanoire3567d ago

I mean why would they lie. Why would Bungie go out and tell the world a lie. Noone even asked them this question. They just came out with it themselves.

I think reality speaks for itself. Bungie has left MS last year and Halo recon was probably the last thing MS managed to secure from Bungie during the negotiations.

Bungie is moving on without MS. Its pretty safe to say that Bungies other projects are going to be multi platform titles.

As for Halo, it wont be really Halo now that its no longer made by Bungie.

MS has lost their biggest franchise.

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SyphonFilter3568d ago

I want bungie to make the next real halo whenever that is. if MS picks someone else that is retarded because fans want bungie to make it. Bungie will make it watch,they will just make another game first and then get back to Halo.

IQUITN4G3568d ago

MC magic comes from Bungie only and were they not to make another Chief game ever again then i'd simply never buy another Chief or Halo themed game - a bit like not accepting a new pet i suppose, it wouldn't be the true product

Enterprise-E3568d ago

Sorry you already fooled me already. I beleive that when i see it.

running rampid3568d ago

there's another halo fps... it has to be bungie, otherwise, i'm not gonna bother.

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The story is too old to be commented.