Former PlayStation CEO Andrew House's Stirring Farewell: "PlayStation Has Always Been About Games"

Former Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Andrew House gives an uplifting farewell after stepping down from his position at PlayStation.

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Septic312d ago

And that is it's greatest strength. As it should be.

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Felsager310d ago

Septic, please just shut up. While you are at it get a PS4.

Zero_Suit_Samus312d ago

“Former PlayStation CEO Andrew House's Stirring Farewell: "PlayStation Has Always Been About Games"

I’m really going to miss this guy. Thank you for your help bringing PlayStation to where it is today.

NewMonday311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

a most fitting farewell, big thanks and good luck to Mr.Andrew House.

if MS want to save the XBox brand they have the perfect man available. and get rid of the trolls like Greenberg/Penello/Nelson and the guy who only talks the talk Phil Spencer.

morganfell311d ago

But he isn't stepping down, he is stepping up. He is being promoted.

morganfell311d ago

Announced on the same day people started blabbing he was leaving.

"John Kodera promoted to President and Chief Executive Officer, Andrew House to be appointed Chairman"

Ashlen311d ago

"Current President and Global CEO Andrew House will transition from operational management of SIE, but will remain with SIE as Chairman through the year to ensure a smooth transition."

He is ending his time at SIE at the end of the year. He hasn't announced any future plans. It's unfortunate I liked him a lot as well, but the reality is he is leaving Sony either to retire or take up a new career somewhere else.

morganfell311d ago


Thanks for that clarification. He will certainly be missed. He stayed through a not so pleasant time when others might have bailed. Great guy with a lot of insight.

Zeke68311d ago

Actually he is taking over Sony Pictures at 2019.

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PhoenixUp312d ago

Never underestimate the power of PlayStation

chrisx312d ago

That's why PS is and will always remain the king of gaming

312d ago
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