Bayonetta = Gov. Sarah Palin

Ripten: "Finally, it all makes sense. It has come to our attention here at Ripten that Gov. Palin bears a striking resemblance to the high-kicking heroine and namesake of the forthcoming Sega title Bayonetta.

Unconvinced? Well in an effort to be both 'Fair and Balanced,' we have created a list of compelling evidence that removes all doubt as to Gov. Palin's extra curricular activities as the gunslinger in hotpants..."

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xhi43539d ago

sexy gun tottin kill baby kill girls, LOL

Parapraxis3539d ago

...Bayonetta would do a better job as VP.

Twizlex3539d ago

My left nut would be a better VP than Sarah Palin...

No Way3539d ago

Haha. I bet Bayonetta knows the difference and locations of Canada and Russia! =P

FantasyStar3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

I really hope no one approves this. Talk about site-hits.... and Bloodmask. I bet if this PoS article gets approved, it'll have his name attached to it for sure.

Goon 1873539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

She has a s3x video out lol, well the girl looks like her,it's funny as hell, won't post the link though ain't trying to get banned

WorseCase3539d ago

crappy.. CRAPPY CRAPPY CRAPPY.. Get the heck off..

patronnessy3539d ago

lol i mentioned this in the bayonetta trailer article last night..

and now there is an article on it.. so I am not the only one that saw the resemblence

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