Qore is Making You Pay for Demos

When Qore was first announced the Playstation 3 crowed wasn't sure on how to react.

Sure, a monthly magazine that gives access to exclusive demos sounds cool on paper, but a lot of people were afraid that Qore would "steal" free demos from the regular Playstation Store updates.

When the Motorstorm: Pacific Rift demo was made available for those who purchased Qore episode #4 people were getting a little mad.

Qore's supporters claimed that Qore doesn't "steal" free demos and make you pay for them, but get access for demos that were never suppose to come out otherwise.

This week, with issue number 5 of Qore we find out that's not true.
Valkyria Chronicles demo is available only for those who purchased Qore episode #5.
But, on the European Playstation Store - where Qore is not available - the Valkyria Chronicles demo is also available. For free.

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PirateThom3392d ago

New plan: Make a European account.

Something that would never have been said a few months ago.

avacadosnorkel3392d ago

I really just wish I had European money

HighDefinition3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

First, they aren`t MAKING you pay for anything.

How XBL can get away w/ MAKING you pay to play online, and people try to critize things like things like Qore or Home(which is free) is beyond me.

TheTwelve3392d ago

I'm a Sony fanboy but paying for a demo that is free in Europe? No, no, no, that can't be right. Surely there is something we are getting for free that they must pay for???


nbsmatambo3392d ago

its not like u r just paying for the demo, u r paying for other exclusive stuff as well..

Cenobia3392d ago

You don't HAVE to pay for the demo. I'm fairly certain the Qore subscribers just get it early. We'll probably get it next week or the week after. The same thing happened with the Naruto demo.

Or you could make a UK account and download it now.

scheme_a3392d ago

Slow down.
If you want to get the VC demo for free, just get an EU account and download.
If not and you want more stuff, subscribe to qore.

Option is there and you get to choose.
If you go to PSN store, you know that you still get tons of demos for free even without qore. They just get them earlier.

I don't understand what the fuss is all about.

Cryos3392d ago

I don't understand the fuss either.

Honestly, I paid for the year subscription, and I enjoy the videos of behind the scenes features. Not to mention I got Calling All Cars, which I wouldn't have bought, but I find it to be amusing and fun! Not to mention the beta and that weird pong-type game that kept my cat amused, lol.

I've gotten a lot of enjoyment out of subscribing to Qore, and there is so much more to it than just the demos

leila013392d ago

Sony makes you pay for Betas, Demos... but hey, it's ok, it's Sony. They strip down the PS3 of almost all it's contents (BC, USB, SD card slot...). The PS3 had several price cuts just a few months after it's release... You guys are just hypocrites and like to smell Sony's fart.

Dino3392d ago

It's not an expensive buy. Not to mention HD videos on my big screen instead of a monitor are worth the price of admission. Three words- get a job. My only gripe is downloading an episode and then trying to download a demo only to find out it's "not available yet".

kingOVsticks3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

"Just create another account if you don't want to pay for live.
Sony makes you pay for Betas, Demos... but hey, it's ok, it's Sony"

Do you even "think" before you type? You self owned yourself with that comment. Alright,lets use that grayish chunk of flesh in are heads that's called a brain okay? You have to pay a fee of 50 dollars in order to play on xbox live...PSN is free,the demos are free,Qore isn't sony,IF you want to participate in SOME of the betas and see exclusive interviews,previews etc then you can subscribe to Qore for 25 bucks which is reasonable for any gaming magazine(what it is).So just calm your happy a$$ down and go back to sniffing Sharpie's

badz1493392d ago

Qore is not a demo, it's an interactive digital magazine with lots of things and DEMOs are among those things you can get from subscribing it! I buy game magazines and I got lots of stuff from it too like contest, posters, demo discs etc. so, what's the problem with Qore? it's a more interesting type of magazine which cost a lot lesser than hard copy magazines! so, OK VC demo only come with Qore in NA! you really want it that badly, just make an EU account and you still can get it for free as you wanted to!

Sony stripped down the PS3? you do know that you can use any type of USB hub and Card reader for PS3, right? you can get those for cheap elsewhere, plus, not everybody is using those! BC is rumoured to be added as software emulation later on and I think they are working on it! but if you insist, what do you think of M$ stripping HDD from the core SKU? and what do you think about selling a console with the ability to use wireless controllers but has no WiFi built in? ironic isn't it? just stop worrying other people's fart because you're obviously suffocating in M$'s fart yourself!

Pennywise3392d ago

Funny I am in U.S.A. and I have the Valk demo without qore. This article is fail on so many levels.

They should of just released it on the US store, but come on people... noone is forcing your hand or wallet.

Delive3392d ago

How is this aspect unlike Live? Gold members get demos before silver members. To get this early access, you have to pay. I see no fault here.

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BrunoM3392d ago

humm is not taking any demos away from any one these is just stupid ... motorstorm .. is something people get for GETING QORE ... so didint take it from any where and as far as todays QORE ... is the same as with Europeans we here in NA got the thing that we got to ge things befor every one else .. they got the demo in the EU today for free and will ending up geting it here ...

come on sometimes is kinda stupid the post i see here i dont see how its taking anything away from me ..

but ok ..

every one can think wht ever they mai like ...

as for me i got a Eu PSN a JAP psn and my normal one NA ..

morganfell3392d ago

You mean the way OXM makes you buy the magazine to get demos?

HairyBrownSack3392d ago

uhhhh, what? you mean the same exact demos you get for FREE on Live before OXM even hits the newstands? Those demos?

lol, what a dumbass droid.

face it, BS3 is garbage! :)

theEnemy3392d ago

Looks who's talking garbage..

Oh, you can't reply now aren't you?

PopEmUp3392d ago

remember once you are a garbage or always a garbage hahaha

Nitrowolf23392d ago

will i think sony should only pack exclusive demo to qore, and not timed or available on other country account. Its pretty dumb becuase allot of people will do it just for the demo, so why not get it off of EU account instead of paying. If the demo can only be played through qore then i am fine but whne they allow it to be played for free through other account then i think that is stealing our money. But hey nobody is forcing you to buy qore so.

peedie163392d ago

you don't have to buy Qore if you don't want to