From Software Announces Shadows Die Twice at The Game Awards

"At The Game Awards 2017 tonight From Software announced their new game Shadows Die Twice"

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PleasureZone287d ago

So this is what an erection feels like

Lightning Mr Bubbles287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

It's gotta be Bloodborne 2. The word twice has to be a hint, and also what else could a contraption like that be? It looks like something torturous that could only be from Bloodborne.

jmac53287d ago

Looks like a trick weapon

Lightning Mr Bubbles287d ago

Some people have said that the theme seems to be more Asian. So maybe it's not Bloodborne 2, I'm not so sure now. But hopefully it is Bloodborne 2.

UltraNova287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

If this is Demon's Souls 2, I will flip out... seriously I will lose my shit!!

PeaSFor287d ago (Edited 287d ago )



..."Sticky White Stuff"

(but seriously i think this its straight up Bloodborne 2, simply due to the weapon style.)

UltraNova287d ago


Yeah the gory, blood socked weapon screams BB...but I can still hope for DeS2 until the reveal (tonight, at PSX?)

butchertroll287d ago

Teaser wasn't showed on Xbox stream

FITgamer287d ago

If it's a new Tenchu I'll lose it.

Bahamut287d ago

@Lightning Mr Bubbles
Dude, it doesn't matter if it's BB2, DS4, or a new IP, it's going to be good. They don't need to do sequels, they'll give you what you want. Don't worry.

Sevir286d ago

Well it was said to be a teaser, so we will know more tonight!!! Sony is set to go live with some announcements in 3 hours so very possible that it's Bloodborne 2

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starchild287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

The trailer has traditional japanese instruments and music, as well as old style kanji writing in the background, so I think this will likely be set in Feudal Japan.

A while back From Software also talked about how they want to do more Japanese themed games. It all fits.

Moreover, do we really know that "Shadows Die Twice" is the title of the game and not just a phrase hinting at what the game is about?

I hope so badly that it is a new Tenchu game, or at least a game that's similar.

eyeDEVOUR287d ago

Very true.. but Shadow Tower could take place there too.. ST is an overlooked gem..

Seraphim287d ago

Tenchu Stealth Assassins was a phenomenal game. To this day nothing has replicated what it offered.

That's the quite the teaser though. Honestly I don't care what it is with the work From has done I'll gobble it up and love it. A new Tenchu would be great but so would Bloodborne 2, Demons Souls 2, a new IP. From was rumored to be working on a new IP were they not? Perhaps this is it.

287d ago
Tapani287d ago

Could this be Tenchu? Ninjas and shadows are one and the same. I think the last Vita game was named Tenchu: Shadow Assassin as well.

Seraphim287d ago

Rikamaru in Tenchu Stealth Assassins says something along the lines of "I am the shadow"
But yeah, one major reason it might be a Ninja game is simply based off the Shadow reference. I really don't care what it is though. I'm sold on just that teaser lol

eyeDEVOUR287d ago

ill reach got it

joab777287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

My new mist anticipated game. BB2 won't be coming unless their other team is working on it, which is possible but highly unlikely they announce two games so close to each other.

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Cyro287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

This is what I think it is right? Please no bait and switch. So hyped right now!

287d ago
Relientk77287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

Bloodborne 2?

Really want it to be Tenchu (some of the titles, Tenchu: Shadow Assassins and also Tenchu: Fatal Shadows) but it's most likely not.

-Foxtrot287d ago

Might be Bloodborne II

PSX remember :3

Cyborgg287d ago

I remember someone said From Software was developing two games. I heard about that earlier this year

fenome287d ago

Maybe Gehrman making his first trick weapon?

I don't know, it's killing me. Hopefully we'll get a proper trailer of some sort tomorrow!

LegoIsAwesome287d ago

I don't think its bloodborne. It did say shadow die twice right? Can't think of any relation between those two.

Might be a new game.

LordMaim286d ago

"Shadows Die Twice" is probably just a tagline. You typically don't see a period at the end of a title.

Magnetar287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

I hope it’s a souls like of some sort.

GamingSinceForever287d ago


Sony definitely would announce it at PSX for one, and the trailer would have said SCEA presents.

Ceaser9857361287d ago

If they showed SCEA the element of surprise wouldnt be there... IF its Bloodborne 2 we will know it at PSX

OpenGL287d ago

SCEA doesn't exist anymore, they reorganized and because Sony Interactive Entertainment in early 2016. Anyway, there wasn't a Bandai Namco logo so it's not like the lack of an SIE logo means anything.

mafiahajeri287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

Ohh my a Tenchu game would be bonkers.

Rikimaru what a character...

Relientk77287d ago

I would go absolutely nuts if it's Tenchu

starchild287d ago

Yes! I would love for it to be a new Tenchu game. It's true that there was a lot of talk of shadows in the Tenchu series.

thatguyhayat287d ago


Its more than 2 games i think it was 5. But 2 of those are playstation exclusive. One being a sequel. The other being new IP

Segata287d ago

More like a new Shadow Tower

ThatDudeMunkee287d ago

Honestly. I think it is. I really think we will see an official announcement this Friday or Saturday. Something to me honestly points that the item we saw was a modified amygdala arm.

ThatDudeMunkee286d ago

That would be amazing. Tenchu Z with gameplay elements of Soulsborne mechanics and graphics meets stealth? Count me in. I'll buy it on PS4, PC, and Xbox One just to back the game.

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fenome287d ago

Such a tease!! Feeling kinda blue right now...

zuul9018287d ago

Heyyyyyyyy there Mr Blue
We're so pleased to be with you
Look around see what you do
Everybody smiles at you