Mandriva Linux 2009 Released

MANDRIVA S.A. just released into the wild the new and greatly improved version of the Mandriva Linux operating system. With the 2009 edition, Mandriva Linux will try to compete with the upcoming Ubuntu 8.10 (October 30th), and even to "steal" some of its devoted users. We remind everyone that Mandriva Linux is a freely available, community-based Linux distribution based on the RPM (Red Hat Package Manager) package management system. It includes popular desktop environments, such as GNOME 2.24 and KDE 4.1.2, and also the newly added LXDE, a lightweight and modern desktop that fits like a glove on old computers.

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Sarick3446d ago

Most of the time these OS's don't work 100% for me or look too generic. For the first time this one actually looks a little more vista/xp like. More wizards to set things up.