Bethesda’s support for the Nintendo Switch bodes well for the console’s future

It’s no secret Nintendo has had a tough few years. But, Nintendo is back and strong third party support seems to be helping with Bethesda leading the way.

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PhoenixUp346d ago

It’s so surreal to see Bethesda of all publishers showing Switch more support than Ubisoft.

michellelynn0976346d ago

I hope I fixed the description. And, I know. Bethesda is really showing love for the Switch and I am happy about that.

PlayableGamez-344d ago

Didnt ubisoft releas rayman legends and mario rabbits on the switch? If you think you are going to see Assassins Creed Origns and Far Cry 5 on the Switch, then you are high. The only other game I can see Ubisodft bringing to the Switch is South Park.

FallenAngel1984346d ago

“People are willing to dish out money for a game on Switch as long as all the content is there.”

Idk why publishers think they can release gimped ports and expect them to sell as well as the other multiplat versions of the game.

michellelynn0976346d ago

EA just seems to be a mess right now. Doom, Skyrim and LA Noire have done very well on the Switch. If EA had actually made the whole game, it would have sold well too.

DrJones344d ago

How much have they sold?

wonderfulmonkeyman344d ago

Probably because many none-Nintendo gamers made many, MANY, excuses for when third party games with missing content came out on the Wii U, last gen, effectively drowning out the complaints of Nintendo fans and making said devs feel justified when they complained about sales.

It feels like a situation where they were thinking "well, if our fans on more popular systems are defending our decision, then there's no point in thinking we were in the wrong."

I mean, I know that's most likely not how it ACTUALLY was, but that's how it feels, in hind-sight.

Benjaminkno344d ago

Skyrim never gets old.
The switch is no slouch