IGN: TGS 2008: Sony Booth Report

Sony's Tokyo Game Show booth this year looked a lot like its booth last year, with distinct areas for the PSP and PS3. The only thing missing was that giant open theater that has served to pull people into past booths; it was replaced this year with a slightly closed stage area.

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peedie163539d ago

so where are these new games

Overr8ed3539d ago

coming soon, I hope. 3 days left so its most likey going to show sooner or later.

thereapersson3539d ago

I hope that something is revealed on that game soon. I am growing impatient with waiting for information!

Cenobia3539d ago

Yeah I really want some info about it too. Unfortunately there have been a lot of rumors about it not showing up at TGS.

I'm starting to think they won't show, even though that's the only reason I was looking forward to this (well before I heard about the 9 new exclusives).

I really can't wait to see what Ueda is making. It will probably be absolutely beautiful judging from how Ico and SotC were two of the most gorgeous games on the PS2. Should be interesting to see what they pull of with the PS3 hardware.

lowcarb3539d ago

I hope they show something else because if not Sony just threw away the show and MS came out on top again.

Cenobia3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

I don't see how that's possible. MS announced one new game (well, expansion) and I've seen 2 new IPs exclusive to the PS3 so far. If there are actually 7 more coming I have no idea how you could crown MS the winner of the show.

Plus, even though Recon is a pretty big announcement for us, the Japanese probably could care less. Halo is much bigger in the West.

Edit: Forgot about the 360 exclusive 99 Nights 2 (although I honestly don't know what the first one was about).

Silogon3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

The show is over guys. There was a mistranslation in that feed. There are no games to be shown, it was a mistake and Kaz confirmed this to Gamespot.

I believe the topic is still over at Gamefaqs. It caused a big stir over there and people were crying and whining about the 9 games. It was funny, cause one guy said it was 11 and then another said it was 14. I was like, yeah I heard it was 27 and they were like "You'e lying"

No $#*T I am ad so are all of you. to yourselves. I got booted. In the end, no. the games aren't being shown.

Edit to below: Tomorrow is today here, man. the event starts up in like 2 or 3 hours from now. As I said, though, there are no 9 games on display from Sony. That was a lie and or mistranslation.

TheColbertinator3539d ago

Your correct.People did not realize the "unannounced" games were the games that Sony had been planning to display at the show.
The real list was(a few mistakes)

1.Killzone 2
2.Wipeout HD
3.Demons Souls
4.Noby Noby Boy
5.White Knight Chronicles
7.Quantum Theory
8.Heavy Rain

Their main announcements were some more SKUs and the updates for PSP and PS3

Irem announced Spelunker HD and that was about it.Sony,Microsoft,and Nintendo have all screwed up E3,Leipzig,and TGS.In all my gaming years I have never seen such dsregard for announcements.2008 is the year of flops,bribes,and no-shows lol

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