IGN: Remember Game Gear?

This week marks the eighteenth anniversary of the Game Gear, SEGA's 8-bit portable. First released in Japan on October 6 in 1990, the Game Gear was essentially a to-go version of the Master System, a console that struggled against the NES. Designed to out-perform the Game Boy on every front, the Game Gear was indeed a more powerful machine than Nintendo's handheld.

The Game Gear, for example, featured a full-color screen versus a monochromatic display, a difference that was exploited in most of SEGA's advertisements including one featuring a young Ethan Suplee, better known now as Randy Hickey from My Name Is Earl.

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PirateThom3512d ago

Game Gear > Game Boy

<3 Game Gear.

HighDefinition3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )


Edit: OK I don`t have a Game Gear. :{

TheTwelve3512d ago

Yep, I had a Game Gear. Just another example of a great console that came out before it's time and lacked enough software support. Props to Sega for attempting to jump into Nintendo's grip in the handheld market.


DARKKNIGHT3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

yeah.........remember how enormous and battery hungry that thing was?

the combo of a bright screen and speakers at fulll blast killed many a batteries!

anybody remember the turbogrfx16 portable?

Sarcasm3512d ago

Hell yeah I remember the game gear. Even though the only game I had was Sonic. It was the best color game handheld at it's time. And the TV Tuner (though hardly worked) was amaaaazing. lol

hfaze3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

"anybody remember the turbogrfx16 portable?"

H3llz yeah!! The good 'ol TurboExpress. Used to play the HuCard TurboGrafx 16 games. That thing was a beast on batteries too... ;-)

Ahhhh... Memories of playing Alien/Devil's Crush and Splatterhouse on the go... =)

Also... 1.4:

I'm not sure if I would say that the Game Gear was the best color handheld out in its time... Both the NEC TurboExpress and Atari Lynx were pretty damn sweet for their time... California Games on the Lynx FTW!!!


daaaaaaaaaaaam, you brought it back with the lynx!!! i totally forgot that sh1t.

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pwnsause3512d ago

jesus, dont ever talk about the Game Gear. Do you know how many times I had to replace those 6 Batteries everyday? they lasted for only 2 hours on that dumb portable. It did had lots of potential Though.

Kevin McCallister3512d ago

Yeah that was awful. Then I finally discovered that my Sega Genesis AC adaptor worked with it and used it to play Power Rangers/Sonic all night.

Mozilla893512d ago

Thats awesome lol I used to play Power Rangers on mine all the time too! I remember it was awesome but positioning my hand to do the combos hurt my hand. Unfortunately I never got another game for it.

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TheTimeDoctor3512d ago

i loved my game gear, sega needs a game gear 2 not their other little project.

MrWeymes3512d ago

The Game Gear was a fine machine indeed. I remember long car rides at night time with the lit up screen. There was no need to pull out a flashlight at all.

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