"A New Tomb Raider is Coming"

Square Enix has announced "a new Tomb Raider game", by which it probably means Shadow of the Tomb Raider, but it sounds like it won't feature tonight at The Game Awards or tomorrow at PlayStation Experience.

Cyborgg5d ago

I heard Crystal dynamics won't be developing the third game

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Cyborgg5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

"Shadow of the Tomb Raider was leaked this time last year when someone on a train noticed someone else on a train writing a marketing report for the game. Whoops! Apparently Shadow won't be made by Crystal Dynamics, the regular studio behind Tomb Raider, but rather Eidos Montreal."

It's in the Credit URL not to mention Crystal dynamics is working on the new Avengers game. Unless they're developing both game's.

runningx5d ago

Best version should be on Xbox One X. Its become more of a right these days. hehe.

ASBO-55d ago

@runningx or you know they could put it on the system that will actually sell some copies(spoiler, its the PS4) if they wanna make mad bank

gamersday084d ago

running, if you're taking about gfx it'll be on pc. x version will be in-between as always. You can say best console version but not best version. Don't be misleading like m$.

Link2DaFutcha4d ago

@runningx looking forward to having an exclusive title, even if only for a little bit, eh?

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lxeasy5d ago

Can't wait I really enjoyed Rise of the Tomb Raider

kayoss5d ago

Is it timed exclusive to any platform? If it is, ill wait until its in the bargain bin.

fenome5d ago

Yeah, I still need to play the second one.

rainslacker4d ago

I doubt that will happen. MS didn't really care about having it exclusive when they got that Fallout 4 marketing deal, and MS really screwed over the marketing on the game the second they announced FO4 releasing on the same day. It didn't do anything for MS by being exclusive. Sony is in a much stronger position now, and considering the game still did better on PS, square inst' likely to give exclusivity cheap this time around.

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cha0sknightmare5d ago

I'm a big fan of Tomb Raider and ROTTR. I'm pumped for a new one.

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AnubisG5d ago

Cool. Hope it goes back to the original TR style.

SlapHappyJesus5d ago

Why reboot a series, watch it be very successful, and then totally change what people, obviously, really enjoyed with the prior two when it came to the third in, again ... the reboot?

Tomb Raider was great.
Rise of the Tomb Raider was even better.
Just as before, I am just hoping for an even bigger improvement on the formula.

AnubisG4d ago

All I meant was more puzzles, exploration and platforming instead of that shooter heavy stuff.... but that is all people can appreciate nowdays, shoot and kill.

SlapHappyJesus4d ago

Rise was a good combination of world exploration and traversal, combat, and puzzles.
I'd be the first to admit that the first in the reboot was combat heavy. There was a lot of combat in Rise, but they balanced it out with more exploration, and more in-depth puzzles. And nobody can say that the combat, itself, in RIse was bad. Pretty much a 180 from that.

Everyone will have their preferences, but I thought they found a good balance with the sequel. I'm just looking for more than that, cleaned up, and with some added elements.

AnubisG4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

You are right, however I've been playing TR since the very first game and personally I much prefer the first trilogy as opposed to new reboot ones.

I think RotTR was still very heavy on combat and the puzzles were still a joke that a 5 year old could solve very fast. Story was almost a carbon copy of the first one. I enjoyed the reboots but they both are combat heavy and based on shooting rather than puzzles and platforming. But that's just my opinion. What do I know? I just played every TR game ever released.