Ubisoft Slightly Delays Three Games for Additional Development Time

Today, Ubisoft announced it is investing more time in the development of three upcoming games, including Far Cry 5 and The Crew 2.

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LandoCalrissiano249d ago

That's a bummer but as long as its deserved. The crew is one of my favorite racing games and far cry 5 just looks so amazing.

naruga249d ago

probably they had a lot of microtransactions in them and took them back in development to avoid backlash

fenome249d ago

That's exactly what I was thinking.

paulust2002249d ago

I’ll bet my balls you are correct.

pinkcrocodile75249d ago

Thanks @naruga for showing us how to pull made up stories out of our @rses and post them here.

Ittoittosai249d ago

No the PVP need major help.

WorldGamer249d ago

I actually think you may be onto something @naruga. Would be a good move on their part given what just happened to EA. But we may never know.

@pinkcrocodile75, kinda rude response on your part. I didn't take @naruga's comment as him making anything up, just speculating at the situation based on other current news in the gaming industry. This is a message board situation after all, are we not allowed to have a discussion or speculate?

LandoCalrissiano249d ago

Something like that can be adjusted immediately. Battlefront 2 they turned them off over night, nothing which more time is needed.

G20WLY249d ago

^that's what he-she's like, don't let one bad apple spoil the bunch. I agree that what naruga said seems likely, given the timing.

fenome249d ago


Yeah, but the progression is still off because it was built around that crap. All they did was switch some numbers around to try to shut people up. If the progression is actually linked to the grind for money boxes and they scrap the boxes then it needs to get re-coded.

LandoCalrissiano249d ago

True but I don't think those games' progression has that kind of problem like bf2 cuz they're not the grinding type of games like you would in major online pvp.

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Smitty2020249d ago

Classic Ubisoft they delay games n still screw the game up

pinkcrocodile75249d ago

That would have been correct with AC Unity but AC Origins is the bollocks and so is the new South Park: Fractured But Whole is just brilliant.

Now they are taking more time on 2 games and so they should if they need it.

I'm glad they seem to have gone back to the old "You'll get your new game when it's ready"

Good for you Unisoft.

sizeofyou249d ago

Hope you're right. They have a lot to benefit by pushing good "whole" games out to the gamer while EA currently reel in a majority of distrust and hatred...

ZeroX9876249d ago

"Shigeru Miyamoto: A rushed game is forever bad" :)

ziggurcat249d ago

There is never anything wrong with allowing more development time.

Gaming_Cousin249d ago

Probably has something to do with ripoff micro transactions

GhostTurtle249d ago

My thoughts exactly. Hopefully it's on the positive side (the extra time to take em out and adjust the games).

Ittoittosai249d ago

Good the pvp in Far cry was ass.

Ittoittosai249d ago

Love how I get a disagree stating fact the PVP in far cry 5 is horrible.

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The story is too old to be commented.