Is Streaming the Final Gaming Frontier?

PlayStation Now lets PS3 and PS4 games be played on PCs. The Nvidia Shield will stream Wii games in China. Could streaming break console walls down?

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FallenAngel1984370d ago

Streaming will always be an alternative method of playing games, not the primary way

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SegaGamer368d ago

For me it's not even an alternative. I can't even get PSNow to launch a single game. I'm trying it on the PC and every game i try i get the message 'something went wrong. Please try again'

They say to have a minimum download speed of 5mbps and 12mbps recommended.......well, i'm easily over the recommended. I don't know what the hell is going on with it.

I can stream everything else flawlessly. If i want to watch tv, i'm always watching it on a stream in HD and i never have any problems. But gaming seems to be a different matter, it's just so fussy, it just doesn't want to work for me.

InKnight7s369d ago

As for now you cant stream 1080p games and now weirdly since pro gameing industry targeting 4k with streaming being so limited to US, UK, Japan, Aus, China and couple of other big countries, furthermkre, it just about old games on 720p, I think we can't take it seriously for now it just pretty beta stage thing.

Aenea369d ago

When the entire world has really fast internet it could be a good way to game in the future with new technologies added as well.

I think a more hybrid form will be the way to go in the future. Either with completely downloading the game (please note, am talking about a future where everyone can download 1+TB in mere seconds) to a generic box which is going to be updated every few years OR where you download a part of the game and parts are run on a server and other parts on the small console box in homes.

Am also looking forward to the future where games aren't held back by hardware at all but just by the time and money spent on development in a time where computers are so fast and cheap that everything you can think of can be rendered with ease...

zerocarnage369d ago

I believe somewhere down the line the gaming industry will move beyond discs and streaming, to what though that is the question, either way it won't be happening for a long time as there would need to be a another leap in technology.

For all we know games could be imprinted into your DNA downloaded then you log in using your thumb on a control pad which reads your whole DNA structure to tell it's you and can also bring up a full online gaming profile and everything to do with gaming. There is already certain DNA advancements popping up in recent years mainly in security where thumb and retina scans (although retina scans have been out longer) the thumb/hand print used in some banks reads DNA and isn't just a scan of your prints, it's all very interesting but I'd put a bet that is where the next venture would be beyond what is available now.

Just like AR and VR at the moment there still very basic but down the line the advancements would make it so you could be putting contact lenses or normal glasses on, not no big chunk headset that looks like a Halloween mask. I bet that somehow in the future as well, gaming somehow will be able to mimic feelings like getting hurt, sexual sensations and even tastes through gaming, as well as sensitivity to eyes to mimic real sunlight, but again it all comes down to some great leaps in technology and advancing/evolving as a race

BuildTheWall369d ago

High speed internet access isn't available in the area I live & closest place with a reasonable internet speed is over 40 miles from my house. I am lucky if I even get 5mb download & .5mb upload. You bitch because you may have to pay if you go over your data plan & I'm stuck paying $95.00 for a 15gb data plan because satellite internet is my only option.

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