Grand Theft Auto Online Doomsday Heist Finally Connects Mount Chiliad and Jetpacks

In a surprise announcement, Rockstar has revealed the Doomsday Heist content for Grand Theft Auto Online.

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Cyro73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Finally a new heist.

That Wet Nellie is going to be so sick. It can fly, drive on land, and underwater.

72d ago
GeraltOfRevia72d ago

Can we use this in single player ?

Krysis72d ago

The spelling of your name is an abomination to one the greatest characters ever created.

GeraltOfRevia72d ago

Let me guess, you've never made a spelling mistake in your entire life.

Tru_Blu72d ago

The only thing wrong with bad spellin is the guy who call out the bas spelling

Krysis71d ago

Oh I make plenty of mistakes. 😃

GamesMaster198272d ago

When these heis's first came to the game i thought ill give the online a shot because of story mission type heist's. But as not any of my family and friends play it i had to work with randoms. And all i can say it was the most disappointing thing ever, most of the online community are little kids or dipshits that just mess about all the time. Put me completely off the online part for good.Rockstar should of added these heist's into the singleplayer part instead.

GHOSTxTZ72d ago

A new heist no one will be able to play with the awful load times and lets not forget those shark cards. Did we forget gta is pay to win?

Tru_Blu72d ago

Shark card sales must have been slowing down, time to release a new car and make it 10 million in game credits.