Let's talk about being offended about video game difficulty menus

I suppose the argument here is that these images and game modes are making fun of players for choosing lower difficulties

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Zeref370d ago

No need to talk about it

370d ago
EatCrow370d ago

Absolutely no need. It isn't even an argument. The game does make fun of lower difficulties.

yeahokwhatever370d ago

We can at least laugh at the kind of scumbag that would be offended at a menu item in a video game.

Garethvk370d ago

Anyone who has an issue with them has no place playing a game. Sex, language, racism, violence in Wolfenstein but your offender by an in game menu? This is truly making an issue of nothing.

FlyGuyHung370d ago

Are we running out of things to complain and be offended about?

BlackTar187370d ago

That may be a good thing. If we can run out then maybe we can reset and install better Software that protects us against little sissy men we seem to be becoming.

CrimsonWing69370d ago

Man this is a new low...

Can’t this insufferable loser of a game journalist just laugh at the joke?

What a baby!

Cy370d ago

Oh my god...get over it. If you're seriously this fragile then I have no idea how you can stand to interact with the world on a daily basis.

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The story is too old to be commented.