Tom Clancy's The Division is now available for free until December 10th

As promised, Ubisoft has launched the free weekend for Tom Clancy’s The Division. From today and until December 10th, players can download and play this MMOFPS for free. As always, progress during the Free Weekend is saved if players purchase the game.

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ramtah374d ago

lol desperate times for ubisoft

Digital_Anomaly374d ago

Not at all... as the big publishers go they're sitting pretty with AC: O, Mario+Rabbids, South Park all doing quite well. Seeing as The Division is meant to be an ongoing game it's still a totally relevant game as well so why not encourage more players to pick it up?

374d ago
CoryHG374d ago

Was there more of a flops this generation than the division? Ghost Recon ended up being amazing, but the hype this had and the flop, it supercedes Watch Dogs. So basically this is all on Ubisoft lying to people.

Pandamobile374d ago

Really depends what your definition of a flop is. The game sold like 10 million units and still has a sizable player base and a steady stream of updates almost two years after launch.