It's Black Friday All Over Again on Microsoft's Store - Get Xbox One Games Discounted

The same deals we've seen during Black Friday popped up once again on Microsoft's Store, allowing customers to buy plenty of great Xbox One (and PC through Xbox Play Anywhere) games at a hefty discount.

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LavaLampGoo370d ago

I'd love all these deals if I had any money!

370d ago
KaiPow370d ago

That's a fine price for FFXV, especially with the Comrades multiplayer stuff that just dropped.

Alexious370d ago

Yeah, a shame for the loading times though.

Condemnedman370d ago

have they improved on the X?

ElementX370d ago

I started the game a few days ago. Just got to chapter 2. I like it

ccgr370d ago

Will check it out, thanks for the heads up!

TankCrossing370d ago

Well... did not have to wait long for For Honor to drop back down. I'll give it a shot :)

thatguyhayat370d ago

Online is pretty much dead. Gave up on it a month ago

Alexious370d ago

Ghost Recon is a much better choice and the PvP is surprisingly good, too.

Jackhass370d ago

Some solid stuff in there!

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The story is too old to be commented.