How’d the Xbox One do in 2017? Lets Take a Look.

Blast Away the Game Review takes one final look at Xbox’s 2017 and how it fared.

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PhoenixUp346d ago

“Xbox One’s dashboard is still a project in the works, which means we could see some reiterating in the future.”

How is it that Microsoft can reiterate the UI so much and never stay satisfied?

“Microsoft is still struggling to really find a balance between first-party exclusives and third-party exclusives”

That’s been an issue since the 2010s started.

“500GB’s is still the standard size hard drive for the Xbox One S”

Why is that 500GB even still around?

“The cancellation of Scalebound and delay of Crackdown 3 was a major punch in the gut for Xbox One owners.”

Not even a week passed by in 2017 when Scalebound got cancelled.

But seriously why are so many people making such a big deal about Crackdown 3? It’s previous entry never got this much attention.

freshslicepizza346d ago

Microsoft is to blame over the Crackdown 3 hype and most of it had to do with the cloud technology. The first Crackdown was good, never a huge IP but still good.

2017 was pretty boring from Microsoft in terms of software. Hal Wars 2, Forza 7 and PUBG will be the only fairly big entries this year. The rest is based on backwards compatability and hardware design, namely the Xbox X.

Overall I give them a C- for 2017 because E3 wasn't that great either.

chrisx346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

C- wow Moldy I was expecting A+ from you.

darthv72345d ago

C- sounds about right but even a D is passing (barely) and that is what MS did this year. They barely passed but I will give them credit for showing up to class each day even though they didnt put in the effort like the other students.

Sony I'd give a solid A and Nintendo a B+.

MS can't do any worse next year (or can they???). I expect a few surprises because we know what Sony has in store in regards to big games. MS is a mystery for the most part outside of State of Decay, Crackdown and Sea of Thieves.

rainslacker344d ago

MS first party output is at it's lowest point ever in the history of Xbox. Even if they got CD3 and SoT out this year, it would still be at it's lowest point in Xbox history.

That is fact, and can't be disputed.

The only thing MS had this year of any big worth was Forza 7. Halo Wars was a nice little niche title for those into that, but it's a supplimental title, not a mainstream release. Their entire year has revolved around playing the best version of multi-plat games, and MS spent the bulk of their marketing on promoting a new system.

Sorry, but 2017 was a fail for MS. C- is way too generous. If Sony had 2 1st party games this year, they'd be roasted over the coals. Case in point, the "sparse" holiday which Xbox fans love to cite over and over again about how Sony was doing poorly, as if that holiday constituted the whole years line up which wasn't sparse, even though Sony had 2 games that holiday. Sony got so much criticism, but MS is doing C-?

Since I know you clung to that sparse comment, even to this day, maybe you should hold MS accountable to the same standards considering how it's what you prefer....although I can't figure out why considering that you don't own the console.....

Eldyraen344d ago

I think they’re trying to find a UI that will be the basis for them next gen as well. Trying to find a “perfect fit” that mixes console and pc UI formfactors for a more unified system going forward. Sort of how Steam hasn’t changed “much” for years but still sees reorganization now and again.

I think they’re looking for that sort of basic design that can carry them on until technology changes much more drastically.

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Travis3708346d ago

If we were to grade each company for this year it would be like this.
Xbox D-
Playstation A-
Nintendo B+

DarXyde346d ago

I would say...

Xbox: C-

PlayStation: A

Nintendo: B+

Nintendo had a great year, but I would give them a bit more space between them and PlayStation. Software on both was great. I'm not exactly looking at "Breath of the Wild was better than PlayStation exclusives A, B, and C". I see it as both have quality games, but Sony had both quality and quantity. It's one of those things where if I had to choose between a handful of 10/10 games versus 2 handfuls of 9/10 games, I would take the 9/10.

Travis3708346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

I just can't give MS a C. They didn't even try this year so I have them as barley passing. Honestly if it wasn't for the Xbox 1 X being hyped up, this year would be the deadest year ever for MS.

DarXyde344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

I give them a marginal benefit because Cuphead and PUBG released. To me, a D- it's the worst one can do (i.e., NOTHING interesting was released) . An F, to me, would mean absolutely nothing released or the console was discontinued. An F grade is like a game getting a 0% which we don't see because even if a game is bad, it's still playable. Likewise, Microsoft DID release some software and hardware so I couldn't give them a D-. They did deliver powerful hardware too along with BC.

So, it's been a not at all great year and well below average for them and I think a C- does well to reflect that.

Either way, they trailed behind Sony and Nintendo pretty badly this year.

Elda346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

I would think the PS4 deserves an A for the slew of enjoyable exclusives released throughout this year including selling well & still the worlds leading console.I agree with the Switch being a B+ great handheld/console that's selling like hot cakes throughout this year but imo lacks in the software dept except for Mario,Zelda & XBC2.

346d ago
WilliamSheridan344d ago

Xbox C+
PlayStation B+
Switch B+

Xbox had games I enjoyed as exclusives even if others didn't. And the release of the Xbox X halt boosted their grade. It truly is a great piece of hardware.

Sony had a great year, with a couple of great exclusives. I loved Last Guardian, Horizon, and Uncharted. No Man's Sky was a flop, and PSVR is currently sitting at "failure". Probably going to fall worse than Kinect did, then again Kinect was a pack in.

Nintendo had a solid release with a couple of solid exclusives. However, as always, they are underpowered and the system has some make design flaws that can actually ruin the system.

Overall I think no company deserves an A, ever, because you can always improve. No one is perfect. But overall it's a great year for us gamers!

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Max-Zorin346d ago

Starting 2018, they need to do a huge Xbox revamp, and never let a man named Phil run the brand ever again.

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