Microtransactions Nearly Spoiled an Otherwise Stellar 2017 in Gaming

With all of the fantastic entries for storied franchises that came out in 2017, it will certainly go down fondly in gaming history as one of the finest.

However, the most difficult hurdle it had to navigate was the specter of the loot crate, and how "pay to win" strategies seemed to be becoming the norm in gaming. It's time to take a look back on the whole debacle, and how it may have shaped the industry going forward.

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376d ago
michellelynn0976375d ago

Microtransactions and loot boxes are not good for the gaming industry.

zaherdab375d ago

If they are done right... i.e thry dont affect game progress or give advantage to certain gamers or exlusive content i am fine with then they actuallt help extend the life of the games

michellelynn0976375d ago

Ok. You make a point there. But, sadly, it is done wrong I think and I hope devs and publishers get this down right. If they are gonna stay, let them be of good use.

zaherdab374d ago

Gosh I hate typing on my phone! reading back what I said I glad u understood it :P

Zer0Flinch375d ago

Loot boxes are not a bad idea froma business perspective they are pure gold, there is nothing wrong with that. It becomes a problem when you punish the people who put time into the game. I see nothing wrong with selling progression or even exclusive things to people who don’t have time or simply want to pay. The problem with EAs model is if you actually play the game and don’t want to pay you feel punished for not paying and your progress feels abusive.

375d ago
Thunder_G0d_Bane375d ago

Personally I think Destiny 2 got loot boxes right. It’s mainly cosmetic and you don’t feel punished if you don’t put any money into it.

Ibetruth375d ago

Destiny's is actually one of the worse because there no other way to get the gear in those loot boxes and with the way rng works you may never get any of it. With the way that games works it needs all the end game content it can get and that's hurting it

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