Is the MMORPG Dead?

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "There was a time, not so long ago that the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (or MMORPG) ruled the PC gaming landscape. With titles like Guild Wars, Final Fantasy XI: Online, Everquest and of course World of Warcraft, dominating the scene and hosting populations of millions of concurrent players, it seemed like sky was the limit for the genre. But over the past half-decade the genre has quietly been fading, faced with dwindling populations, stiff competition and users not willing to subscribe on a monthly basis anymore what was once a vibrant genre seems resigned to cater to only a few dedicated, core players, all of which begs the question – is the MMORPG dead?"

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373d ago
nitus10373d ago

I play Neverwinter which is a free to play MMO for the PC, PS4 and XB1 and even though there are microtransactions available they are "not in your face". Even the leveling system is fair in that grinding is not needed although the game does get harder demanding more of your time since there are more things to do when you exceed level 60.

Summons75373d ago

No, WoW somehow still continues to live and FFXIV is massive and very active. Even ESO has a pretty active community and if you missed The Game Awards Keighley spammed the hell out of Warframe ads. They aren't close to dead.

DeviateFish373d ago

Whenever a headline for an article poses a question, the answer is most likely 'no'.

InKnight7s373d ago

That how media exist it always no money, no peace, no good president, no stable economy. Its always about feeding on negative side of everything.

bigmalky373d ago

Dependa how you look at it. They're dead for me since the death of MMOs where you had to be proactive with groups and guilds, communicating, trading, questing together and so on.

Nearly every one I've played since Warhammer Online has been typically a soloable affair, having to group in dungeons with randoms who are either greedy, elitist or ignorant and you can just rush through without a thought... Or getting killed by rushing because a team mate thinks he can solo.

I miss Star Wars Galaxies, Everquest 2 and the first Guild Wars. Luckily WoW Vanilla might change my mind.

Tross373d ago

It's true that MMOs used to have a near monopoly on the online multiplayer experience, and it's true that those days are long gone. But, all that means is that we have more online multiplayer experiences than ever, and RPGs are still a part of that. Does Alex S. from Link-Cable even browse the online stores of the systems he owns on a semi-regular basis?

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