The Future of Skateboarding in Video Games: Preview of 'Session' | Raging Gazebo

The days of extreme sports in the gaming culture seems to have slowed drastically in the past decade, or so. With the imminent success of EA’s ‘Skate’ in 2007, the realistic feel of maneuvering a skateboard down steep gaps and inclines proved an all-too rewarding thrill. Years later the sub-genre seems to have faded into obscurity, but still rests a glimmer of hope with Crea-ture Studios upcoming wood-pushing title, Session.

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Cyro376d ago

Played it but the controls feel weird for me atm. It's like Skate but the left thumbstick also controls where you are on the board so I haven't gotten used to it in the short time I've played it. Still I'm excited and very much welcome a new skateboarding game.

rynodigital375d ago

It's truly sad that we'll likely never get a proper Skate sequel

PeaSFor375d ago

or Thrasher:Skate&Destroy.

Valkron1375d ago

I hope they get it right. I’d rather be grinding on a board than Destiny 2

TechnoGoat375d ago

SK4TE should of happened.