Sony: We Cannot Ignore The Nintendo Switch

It seems like Sony has finally awoken to the threat that the Switch and its success could imply. Speaking to Asia Nikkei, Sony’s Kazuhiko Takeda, Sony’s head of corporate planning, said that the Switch is a factor that they can no longer ignore with regards to their gaming business.

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-Foxtrot371d ago

Well you can acknowledge it but I don't think they should worry all that much

Developers want to push tech as much as they can, for most of them the Nintendo Switch will not be the place to do that with big franchises so the PS4 will not be left out of the cold.

I just hope this dosen't mean Sony will try and do something like it for the PS5...if it's not broke don't fix it.

gangsta_red371d ago

Somewhat true but remember a lot of Japanese developers are not pushing tech, graphics or resolution with their games and with this won't have to spend any money to match their west coast counterparts. With that in mind the Switch is definitely a better option for them (and a lot of smaller devs) to make games for.

-Foxtrot371d ago

Not all of them will want to make that commitment to the Switch though, if so we'd have seen it in full swing by now.

I can't imagine Square Enix, despite saying they want FF on all consoles, dumb down their main line games for the Switch, even something like the Marvel games they are making, they'll want them to be spectacular being Marvel IPs to show what they can do with the license.

Besides if we look at the big companies in the west their franchises always look to push the tech we like GTA, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Battlefield, Assassins Creed, Destiny, Dark Souls, Shadow of Mordor, Tomb Raider, Mass Effect, Far Cry and so on are not on the Switch...and by that I mean the most recent games, not ports of older titles.

I just think with good tech and a large install base that developers won't just leave the PS4 behind in favour for the Switch. I can see new games built around the Switch but getting Red Dead Redemption 2, Anthem, Darksiders III, Biomutant or Metro Exodus for example..well I'm sorry I can't

At the minute if anyone should be a little concerned for the Nintendo Switch it's Microsoft...people will have the PS4 for their exclusives/multiplatform titles so if they were going to buy another console the Switch seems like a more likely candidate as it's more unique out of the two.

JaguarEvolved370d ago

I wouldn't mind having a playstation portable device with a 6in. 2k res. screen where i can play most pa1, ps2, ps3 and ps4 games. I like my Nintendo switch but it is severely lacking games and I wish it had a lot more. Also I wish it had better specs. I know Sony would be hesitant to make another portable device because they would want proper tech in it which would make it expensive for a lot of gamers.

UltraNova370d ago



I wouldn't mind a ps5 that doubles as a 2K portable too, but it better turn into a 4K/60fps high/quality settings console when docked!

It can have a ps4-power level (around 2 tflops) apu in the portable and an 8 tflop apu in the dock. When you dock it, it can pump out 10tflops combined. As for the price 450-550 would be the sweet spot.

Well that was an entertaining thought...

roadkillers370d ago

-Foxtrot: They released a mobile game of FFXV, I don't see why they would appose it if the game would make them money.

thesoftware730370d ago

While I agree that devs wont be able to put big games like Anthem, GTA and Tomb Raider on the switch. The system is selling so well meaning it will get the 3ds effect but 100X better. The system will be full of exclusives that you cant get anywhere else, while all the other games mentioned will be Multiplat. This is one of the biggest selling points for me and even with that, you will indeed get some games that is on other systems as well, just look at Doom and Wolfenstien: new colossus and most unreal engine games can scale to the Switch.
Devs wont be able to ignore the system(just like Sony cant) and will put games on it for sure.

darthv72370d ago

If the switch can pull off 360/PS3 level graphics on the go then yeah... I can see devs porting games as well as making new IP's specifically for the switch. Right now many devs, that may be interested, are still waiting to see how it fares in its first holiday season on the market.

Ju370d ago

I don't necessarily need one machine on the go and the TV. But I would like one platform where I can play a game on the TV and then take it on the go and continue.

Couple of requirements would be necessary. First, the architecture should be the same. I wonder if one (AMD?) could build a next generation APU which can run at 2-3TF and allows for gaming for 2-4 hours. Then, all games which would run on a PlayStation (5? and 4?) should run AS IS on the mobile PlayStation. Of course, scaled down a bit. 3TF would run games at 1080p better than a PS4 today. Memory could be less, 4-8GB mobile, but a stationary machine should go beyond that (-> memory fragmentation for developers but if designed from the get go, manageable, IMO). Maybe a stationary mode (but AS IS) for a low cost entry 1080P platform - but would probably cannibalize high end sales. And then, 100% cloud saves (not just for PS+ and primary accounts), so that one can switch from stationary to mobile on the fly. Maybe going so far, that game states can be "synched" in the "cloud". And no mobile and stationary rebuy. Rather ONE(!) platform. A game I buy on the PS5 should run on the PS5m(obile) same as Pro games run on the Slim.

Yeah, that would be cool, indeed.

OffRoadKing370d ago

Which Japanese developers are "not pushing tech"?

gangsta_red370d ago

@Offroad King

"Which Japanese developers are "not pushing tech"?"

A good number of them, basically what I mean are games that do not require high end specs or have 4k assets.

370d ago
OmnislashVer36369d ago (Edited 369d ago )


Seriously? Switch doesn't even get a full teraflop in docked mode, you think they'll be able to get two teraflops in 2019 in undocked mode? Even if they halve the node size and increase the size of the console, they'll get less than 1 TFLOPS undocked, and maybe 2TFLOPS docked if they're lucky.

8TFLOPS? Let me just put it like this, we'll get 9TFLOPS if we're lucky, use Ryzen/Vega, get vapor cooling, and PS5 has a price of $499. No way in hell are we getting 8TFLOPS in a handheld even docked.

The price would be ridiculous as well- maybe we do $700, it gets 1TFLOPS undocked, and they have another GPU for docked at 8TFLOPS. It's just not happening mate.

OmnislashVer36369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

^^whoever downvoted has a serious disconnection with reality. You might as well ask for 256 Petaflops, 5 TB of RAM, and an Exabyte SSD for $9.99 with tax.

It's NOT happening.

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gangsta_red371d ago

This is why I half agreed with you because we won't see the full level of support for bigger titles from big name devs because most of their triple A titles are spec juggernauts.

But we have already seen a lot of smaller titles from a lot of companies making their way to the Switch and the Switch is definitely getting a ton of indie and Japanese support.

Square may not bring their current FF to Switch but they are bringing their other titles to the Switch and who knows maybe they have another FF in development specifically for the Switch.

Developers like the ones you mentioned will definitely not leave the PS4 for the Switch, no question about that but I can see those developers and others (especially Japanese devs) being able to turn out smaller games faster at a lower production cost for the Switch.

UltraNova370d ago

Good points, (yeah i know). Thing is Sony needs to start paying attention, even if they have been making all
the right moves so far, they still need to remember that they are not 'bulletproof' and Nintendo has just fired their warning shot.

combatcash369d ago

Warning shot? WTF is that? Nintendo does what they do every generation. They are no threat to anyone. If the switch sells 200 million and PS4 only 120 mill there won’t be any issues, at the end of the day people are not making choice between the PS4 and switch. They will likely buy a PS4 and choose between Xbox or switch. PS is not in any danger,

wosej369d ago

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wonderfulmonkeyman370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

If what you were saying was true, games like Valkyria Chronicles and Doom would never come to the Switch.
At all.

To be honest, your post, telling people "not to worry", makes you sound SCARED of devs putting any focus on Switch, as if it would harm the already-monumental sales that Sony is enjoying.
That's not going to happen.
Even if Switch starts getting a ton of focus, that's not going to change the fact that the PS4 is still just as big a focus for devs due to its long-running fame, so calm down, quit moving the goalposts, and accept that Developers like the Switch and do want to make games for it.

Everyone's aware that there are some games that won't come to it due to technical limitations, but that's no reason to pretend that the Switch won't get great games that appeal to core gamers.
It has been getting, and will continue to get, a lot of great games from devs, regardless of the PS4's success.

That "full swing" you're talking about isn't going to happen overnight after what Nintendo's reputation suffered with the Wii U.
Just because it's taking a little bit to regain the confidence of some devs doesn't mean it isn't happening; it's already happened with Squeenix and Bethesda, and they won't be the last ones.

bluefox755370d ago

Why would he be "scared"? Lol, you realize how dumb that sounds?

-Foxtrot370d ago

Was going to say something but @bluefox755 just said it...

darthv72370d ago

Interestingly enough I seem to recall when devs saw technical limitations as a challenge to overcome. The thing I noticed most about the switch is that it isnt crowded. Meaning that there is no over saturation of games like there is on PS4 so some devs may see that as a better opportunity to release some tester titles and see how it goes.

The install base of the PS4 doesnt always translate to equal success of a game. There may be a chance for certain titles to do better on switch than they did on PS4. Only those devs will have to decide if it is worth the risk.

_-EDMIX-_370d ago

Scared? Ummm ok.

I think you take this too seriously.

You also don't even know to what extent Bethesda or Square will continue to support the platform, for all you know they might support it with previous generation games or smaller titles like they've done previously.

So I would say Watch Dogs appearing on Wii U didn't automatically mean Watch Dogs 2. .

No different than onimusha appearing on the Xbox did not equal the rest of the series coming as well.

Sales will continue to determine future support, if their software is not able to make a lot of money you will likely see them shift Focus.

Keep in mind that is not saying something will or won't be successful simply that the determining Factor support is simply sales of the software.

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370d ago
bluefox755370d ago

Yeah, I don't think it's in direct competition. More of a secondary console.

shuvam09370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Unless they meant another shot at the handheld market ;)

Poobz370d ago

Developer's want to make 💰 and if they can make more on Switch (as some already do) they will put games on it.

ChickeyCantor370d ago

> Developers want to push tech as much as they can,

Uhh no they want to make money.
The reason they are pushing tech is because a good portion of the market demands it.
If they could simplify their games much more they would ( it's one of the reasons companies such as EA, Nintendo, etc also have a mobile division )

Pushing tech is limited to budgets and human sacrifices.

cha0sknightmare370d ago ShowReplies(1)
DwightSchrute01370d ago ShowReplies(1)
ZeroX9876370d ago

The switch will get ports of other home consoles easily in the beginning, but as games becomes more and more hardware hungry, some of them won't run well on it. Nintendo got to continue what they've been doing for years, releasing great first party games, especially Pokemon!

_-EDMIX-_370d ago

I mean I want you to consider that the system is already missing Destiny 2 Battlefront 2 Call of Duty World War 2 Assassin's Creed shadow of War Far Cry 5 in a whole list of titles.

So if it's barely going to be getting games in the current generation there's no possible way it's going to be able to survive PlayStation 5 or the next Xbox.

TheEroica370d ago

Boooo.... I'd take a ps5 handheld all day. In fact Im considering not buying a ps5 if it's a standalone console. My ps4 has been a doorstop in my busy life since switch came out.

shadowraiden370d ago

but if they was pushing tech they wouldnt be on ps4 anyway.

they would be pure PC developers or xbox one x which are at the front of pushing tech.

PS4 has stagnated somewhat and has actually recorded the lowest sales of all 3 consoles for first time in a long time so i do think sony are thinking at options to add more stuff to their future consoles.

also Switch is downright amazing for the tech it has you state developers dont want to be held back yet that is what ps4 does, while switch is at the front of technology with its design and functions. hardware tech isnt always the "push" your thinking for developers.

nicsaysdie370d ago

Totally agree. However it's "won't be left out IN the cold", not "...OF the cold". "OF" in this case means they WILL be in the cold.

3-4-5370d ago

I think what sony will do with the PS5 is bundle is with the next Vita/psp whatever they want to call it.

Takes care of the console + handheld portion of it and they work together and can play the same games but also have unique libraries as well.

They won't cripple the specs on the PS5 to make it a handheld but they won't ignore the love that is still out there for handheld gaming.

They were one of two people in the dedicated handheld don't just leave that would be bad business.

michellelynn0976370d ago

Fact is, something is wrong. Look at all the delays and until this year, look at the money Sony was loosing. And they should worry, but competitive market is good for games and gamers.

_-EDMIX-_370d ago

Why would they do that for PlayStation 5?

It's actually more likely they're just going to release a PSP but instead include the Cradle instead of selling it separately.

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PhoenixUp371d ago

Of course you’d have to acknowledge your competition. That’s nothing new. Acting like the opposition doesn’t matter is why many top dogs in industries apart.

Also NS doesn’t pose any threat to PS4. The latter console will continue receiving plenty of support from publishers, developers & consumers and that’s not going to change. It’s the lead platform in various regards.

The only thing Sony should truly feel threatening about is the future of their handhelds.

370d ago
Kribwalker371d ago

In 9 months the switch has pushed almost half of what the ps4 has done in japan in almost 4 years. It has won most of the NPDs this year and it’s big exclusives are outselling big PS exclusives with only a fraction of the user base. You should be worried about the Big N

Silly gameAr371d ago (Edited 371d ago )

Ok, now go back to praising the xbox please. Your praise of Nintendo feels disingenuous, but your shadiness and downplaying of the PS4 seems genuine as usual.

Your comment feels like I'm reading a Gamingbolt article.

AspiringProGenji371d ago (Edited 371d ago )

I know right? I mean I get it if the Xbox had something to beat the PS4, but when they don’t he flips his fanboy switch to Nintendo and use them againts Sony.

We ge it! You don’t like Sony. MS can barely compete, but don’t be disingenuously praising nintendo just to use them againts Sony lol

Kribwalker371d ago

My praise of nintendo seems disengenious? Ok then. I guess i’ve owned every nintendo system ever made except the WiiU, gameboy advance and virtual boy because i pretend to like guys really take it to another level.

Aspiring how bout we keep this on topic eh. We are talking about Sony acknowledging nintendo, and had nothing to do with xbox. Your obvious dislike of the xbox brand has you hating on others instead of focusing what’s on hand here. The legitimate threat the nintendo switch has against Sony.

Silly gameAr370d ago

Ooops. Sorry krib. I mostly remember your hardcore xbox fanboy days and never remembered you talking Sony or nintendo up in my many years here. Guess I was wrong.

Do i even need to put /s?

balance2theforce370d ago

That's funny, because quietly that's what quite a few people around here had noticed and were saying about some of the sony fans around here. Sone who've constantly bagged on Nintendo and sneered at this system from day one. Yet suddenly (and certainly) had no problem with them when they want to parrot *raawk* "excloosivs", wenr with an obligatory ps4 as GOD and lowly, meager Switch for secondary console comments; and even (begrudgingly) telling people to get one and (of course) some form of ps4 as opposed to the Xbox One X.

I've personally got pm's from people on here who were like "Wow, do you actually see this?" When they saw the sudden shift! So let's not act like they're the only ones using Nintendo. Hell I would even say that they may have been a few minutes late to that party.

Septic370d ago

"We ge it! You don’t like Sony."

The collective speaks!

indysurfn370d ago

With the exception of your last statement you have some points people cant deny . Plus people are not realizing when they see these chart comparisons. SWITCH launched during the slowest part of the year for console and game sales. This month and next will be their first major holiday season sales. Expect that arrow to climb even sharper upwardly.

NeoGamer232370d ago

This is simple stuff...

Sony has relied on massive sales in Japan for years to fund their AAA franchise development. But, with Nintendo outselling Sony in their homeland and stronghold puts a dent in revenues.

Fortunately Sony still has a lot of strength in Europe. But they have to find ways to retain the same level of profitability. That is typically done in one of two ways... 1) Reduce expenses to match revenues, or 2) Charge more for what you deliver. Both are risky in the gaming industry.

Last generation, Sony did this to start the generation. This generation MS thought they would. Sony has become complacent in innovation. And are relying more and more on Japanese third party developers. Nintendo is denting that which is helping them climb and getting rid of advantages Sony has.

Sony has a good installed base at 70 million consoles. But, you have to wonder how well they will keep this growing with Nintendo waking up and showing very strong sales. And as well with Xbox One X selling well too.

All-in-all... Competition is good for the industry. All gamers will benefit from Nintendo's awakening.

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ecchiless371d ago

LMAO, good thing for sony that they are doing so great globally.

moegooner88370d ago

What about globally? You aren’t gonna mention global sales? Wonder why.

michellelynn0976370d ago

The Switch is winning in America and Japan. Well this year and the Switch dominated black Friday and Cyber Monday.

moegooner88370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Can you tell us BF sales then ? Both online and store ones ? Not the online ones claimed by Adobe but the total sales.

TekoIie370d ago

Well it's their European sales that are unrivalled. In every other region they absolutely need to keep an eye on the competition. Say what you want about the Xbox One but its absolutely still in the race within the US, and the Switch is doing insane in Japan.

The Nintendo Switch has for the most part succeeded where the Vita failed even though it still has some of the same drawbacks. It's only logical that Sony would start taking notice to see of theres anything that can be learnt and applied to future endeavours.

DialgaMarine370d ago

The Adobe thing is nothing more than a prediction based off of online search results. It doesn’t reflect any actual numbers; just means that more people were searching it up. Until we see official numbers, the whole “Switch wins BF and CM!” articles are rumors at best.

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rainslacker370d ago

Worried because why? Sonynin the past 6 months has sold more console in a time frame than they ever had in the past. Sony's sales are increasing.

Sure they shouldn't ignore the switch, because it's fighting against it for limited money in the market, but worrying about your now.closest competitor which is only sort of competing within the same home console market is really a strong word to use. Sony would have more to worry about from ms, because they are competing with.more similar products, but I haven't seen Sony worried about anything ms has done for this gen since ms first said tv.

indysurfn370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

ROFL Funny....dont forget they said Fee to sale your game.....Fee to buy a a used game...DRM...and online every 24 hours to play a game you paid full price for.
And said Kinect is required. And said less GPU and slower memory type, and split cache.

Lime123370d ago

Why you only talk about Japan? In US and UK (and probably whole Europe) PS4 is best selling console YTD.

indysurfn370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Not sure about Europe but in USA Switch has won the last 6 months in sales. Including NPD numbers.
SWITCH #1 NPD, Nintendo takes 2/3 of all sales

September SWITCH 2/3s of hardware sales SWITCH #1,

Adobe points to SWITCH winning Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. Just like it did for PS4 the last few years. It has not been wrong.

OffRoadKing370d ago

Based on your comment history we all know why you think so, but the reason its been more successful in the Japanese market is because that market favors portable gaming. And if Sony needs to worry about the "Big N" then Microsoft needs to be terrified.

DarXyde370d ago

Listen to yourself: "worried"? Sony's doing fine, as is Nintendo. They are certainly competing, but that also means the Japanese gaming market can thrive. Sony may lose some third-party Japanese exclusives, but if that keeps more niche developers like NIS and Gust alive, I don't see much problem. Besides, that's an issue for the platform holders, not us. That could actually end up having Sony focus on their dormant IPs to gain the upper hand in terms of software with Japanese appeal. Wild Arms, Siren, Arc the Lad, Dark Cloud, etc. I'm certainly not worried. Are you worried about Xbox? Phil's trip to Japan seems pretty fruitless at this point.

rainslacker370d ago

I honestly think that Sony and MS will see a lot of multi-plats between them. Particularly for games that come west. There is nothing overly gimmicky in either system which would make it troublesome.

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gangsta_red371d ago

The Switch is looking to be a must have system to own. Unfortunately things didn't go as planned for me this Black Friday so I was unable to purchase one. But who knows...maybe Santa can hook yer boi up for the holidays with a special on the house present.

The 10th Rider370d ago

They're talking about producing 30 million next year, so they should be much easier to find.

SkippyPaccino370d ago

No need... If you guys need one there's plenty all over the place in Canada... 500$ for a switch is a rip off!

The 10th Rider370d ago


Scarcity seems to be pretty spotty right now. Some areas have lots, some have very few. For the next month it's still going to be somewhat difficult to find some places, but after the holidays I don't see it being too hard to find most places.

Relientk77371d ago

Sony would be stupid to ignore the competition. Of course they won't