Biomutant Looks Effing Adorable

New Normative take a look at the vibrant style and environmental themes of THQ Nordic's 2018 adorable and character action title Biomutant

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darthv72347d ago

this does look very good. For a 3rd party game it has that look of a dedicated exclusive.

fenome347d ago

If they nail the gameplay this could be a sleeper hit next year.

Teflon02347d ago

I wouldn't bet on it. Looks like it's really good, but that framerate I've seen in all the gameplay previews makes the game look like it'll be annoying to just look at outside screenshots. I need to see the final code before I can even be interested

2ndhandcorn347d ago

I hope the rat is a lesbian , jokes aside these guys seem to have imagination how rare in modern gaming.