Is There a Link Between Intelligence and Playing Video Games?

Stephanie Watson writes: "The stereotype that gamers are lazy slobs has been floating around ever since video games were first invented. Although I don't see anything wrong with leading a chill life, there's now scientific research to prove the haters wrong."

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Anthotis370d ago

There's a link between lack of intelligence and people who bought Battlefront 2.

thorstein370d ago

Provide evidence. Especially since noting that microtransactions are turned off and don't look like they will be back.

instantstupor370d ago

I read comment sections for a lot of websites and from what I've, doesn't bode well for the headline lol

zuul9018370d ago

It seems like this is saying if youre lazy you cant be smart. I dont understand how the notion of gamers being lazy sloths is disproven by intelligence? Cant smart people be lazy? Cant dumb people be active? (Not judging the entire nfl but most of them are active and they dont all seem like neil degrasse tyson)

Not bashing the article it was a decent read just think that first paragraph is weird, and doesnt fit. Then again im dumb sometimes maybe im missing something.