Can You Enjoy Problematic Games and Uphold Your Values?

Can we play problematic games and still uphold our values? And if so, how? New Normative takes a look at how to engage with problematic games.

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feedurhabit369d ago

Internet seems full of people desperate to find problems with things

fenome369d ago

Maybe if you're easily offended by stupid crap you should just stay away from video games and the internet in general, definitely stay away from the news. Might as well not go outside either...bad stuff happens out there.

deadwiseman85369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

Oh god not another one. Probably never played a game in there life or if they had they didn't like or got offended. I love video game's but there are actually real things to get worked up about, like free speech being suppressed. Go and complain to people who give a crap.

Angerfist367d ago

Yeah but when it comes to free speech with these folks its like "you only wanna use it to say mean Things"

Damn right - there should be no law that pretends someone from being offended.

Even though in the west they push these Blasphemy laws too.

deadwiseman85366d ago

I totally agree. They are trying to infiltrate every part of life, from movie, games , and politics to push there distasteful agendas down our throats, and use the suppression of free speech to achieve there corrupt agenda. Post like this about problematic games is just the tip of the iceberg. It's one of the very few story's to get approved by n4g of this nature.

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The story is too old to be commented.